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article imageOp-Ed: eBook for local author goes to print in time for Father's Day Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Jun 7, 2014 in Business
San Francisco - In this digital age of just about everything going on line, San Francisco-based author Joseph Sutton had his book, "Father and Son: Thirty Years of Growing Up Together," printed from eBook format to hard copy.
"It officially went to print on April 15, but the electronic version has been available for about two years now," said Sutton. "I know it seems a bit odd, but it was my editor's idea," he said. Sutton's editor thought it would be a good idea to have some copies printed in correlation for the annual Father's Day commemoration.
With almost a dozen books published to his credit, he admitted, "it is a bit of an ego trip to be published, frankly. But now, after experiencing the highs and lows of being an author, I am wiser." Sutton's memoirs about family life raising son Ray is an impressive read and perhaps a nice little gift for Father's Day. The book can be purchased through Sutton directly for $15.00.
Author Joseph Sutton and son Ray 30 years ago is the subject of the author s book   Father and Son: ...
Author Joseph Sutton and son Ray 30 years ago is the subject of the author's book, "Father and Son: Thirty Years of Growing Up Together." Originally released in ebook format, it is now available in print as a paperback.
Courtesy of author Joseph Sutton
Sutton pointed out, "Just to have a graphic designer design the book jacket and to format the text came to about $2,000. The printing expenses amounted to $2,000. The cost to have a book on Kindle or other digital outlets doesn't cost a penny."
Seven of Sutton's books are for sale at Bookshop West Portal in San Francisco. "Books, Inc. also has my books, including "Father and Son: Thirty Years of Growing Up Together," he said.
"Joe will be happy to know that as of this weekend (June 7) we are all sold out of the paperback," said Bookshop West Portal manager, Kevin Atkin. Perhaps Sutton's editor had the right inclination to put that e-book into print after all.
When this reporter called Sutton at his home with the news that Saturday afternoon, he was overjoyed. "Wow! I have to go over to Bookshop West Portal right now and deliver more books." When asked if he thought his editor's idea turned out well after all, Sutton said, "I liked my editor and he did well by me, except with pushing me to go to print on this"
It is too early to tell if Sutton broke even on the published version or not. Still he considers e-publishing as the way to go. "I think with all my experience now I am confident enough to shepherd a book to completion without employing an editor."
In keeping with the father and son theme, Sutton was eager to share with this reporter his latest project, "The Life and Death of Abraham Massry and Other Stories." "It's based upon my Syrian Jewish background," he said. "My parents came to the West Coast from Brooklyn when I was a year old. I am so thankful to have been raised in LA instead of Brooklyn."
"Brooklyn was and still is a very tight-knit community of Syrian Jewish people who have very strict religious rules and keep to their own kind." Not to give too much away about the book before its release, Sutton said, "The Syrian Jewish community is vastly different from the Los Angeles that I grew up in." Although the book is a collection of short-stories, it's based on Sutton's experiences from boyhood to manhood. "I often wonder," said Sutton, "what my life would have been like if my parents hadn't made the trek westward. I probably would have ended up being very religious and going into business with my father."
Further details will be forthcoming when "The Life and Death of Abraham Massry and Other Stories" is officially released. To learn more about author Joseph Sutton and his books, visit his website.
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