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article imageOp-Ed: Are your SEO strategies up to date?

By Holly L. Walters     Jun 26, 2015 in Business
SEO is one of the most commonly heard phrases in the Internet marketing world, but many people are still unable to accurately describe what it means.
Search engine optimization is a vital component of any online marketing strategy, and businesses need to stay current with all of the changing SEO trends.
After all, Google releases regular algorithm updates, and each of these tweaks has an impact on their search engine ranking. In other words, if you fail to keep your SEO strategies up to date, you could quickly see your website’s Google ranking drop to such a low point that most new customers will never find it.
To avoid this potentially catastrophic issue, you must pay close attention to SEO changes and implement them as fast as possible.
Google’s Algorithm Changes
Every year comes with a new list of techniques from industry experts, and the 2015 SEO strategy updates are perhaps the most demanding to date. There are now three major Google algorithm changes that website owners need to be aware of: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. If you are unfamiliar with the way these updates could impact your site, then the odds are high that you are being unnecessarily penalized.
In a nutshell, Google has employed these three algorithms and numerous minor tweaks to each of them to help reward high quality content. Additionally, they help the search engine punish sites that primarily rely on keyword stuffing and grammatically incorrect written content in order to capture attention. The old days of SEO are officially over, and you must adjust your strategies or suffer the consequences.
Penalties for Non-Mobile Friendly Sites
One of the latest things that businesses need to be concerned about is whether or not their website is properly configured for mobile users. Although the website design itself is not directly related to SEO, every other aspect of its performance can help or hinder your search engine ranking. Google is now actively seeking out sites that are not mobile friendly, and each of them will eventually be penalized with a lower ranking, according to Mobile Marketing Engine.
This means that no matter how much time, energy and money you put into building your SEO strategy, the entire thing could be derailed if you fail to ensure that your website has been properly designed to meet the search engine giant’s mobile optimization guidelines. Not making your business site mobile-friendly has already translated into big money losses from some big companies, and when eBay failed to prepare their site for Google's updates, they lost 80 percent of their prime rankings.
Getting the Most Out of Content Marketing
SEO relies upon many factors, including quality inbound links and the appropriate usage of applicable keyword phrases. Most companies are placing a major emphasis on their content marketing, and this is by far one of the best SEO strategies for 2015 and the foreseeable future.
Ultimately, you want to entice people to visit your website by offering them relevant, quality content that makes them highly likely to stay on your page for more than just a few seconds. By ensuring that this content makes good usage of natural keyword placement, you can help boost your search engine ranking. It is also worth noting that high quality content has a higher chance of being shared by other websites, and this will provide you with an inbound link.
Always Seek Out New SEO Opportunities
Submitting guest blogs about a topic you specialize in gives you the ability to boost your SEO while also potentially attracting the attention of future customers. You should also make sure that your social media profiles link to your homepage, and always share your blog posts to increase their visibility.
Do not forget that it is critical to focus on localized marketing techniques. For example, a bookstore in Indianapolis will have a much better chance at getting local sales because they can base their SEO around terms such as “Indianapolis bookstore” to increase their localized search engine ranking.
Getting specific with your SEO approach is beneficial, especially for local businesses that only need to connect with people in a small area. However, even the smallest company should still think big when it comes to their SEO strategy.
Due to this, updating your strategy to reflect each of Google’s algorithms changes is the best approach, and you also need to lure people to your site by making it mobile-friendly and filling it with relevant content that is timely and well-written. Following this approach will help improve your SEO this year, but never forget to pay constant attention to the latest proven SEO techniques so that you do not fall behind in the future.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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