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Mergers & acquisitions changing the world of content marketing

By Holly L. Walters     Sep 30, 2015 in Business
Content marketing is one of the fastest growing fields, and there have been several recent mergers and acquisitions that are poised to change numerous industries, including the news.
Online business owners have always been obsessed with the idea of boosting their search engine ranking, but the techniques that actually work have changed dramatically during the past decade. Instead of keyword stuffing, owners now need to use content marketing.
The problem this approach presents to many owners is that they do not have the necessary skills or time to produce well-written content on a regular basis, and they now find themselves making huge investments in content.
When you combine this with the need to stay abreast of all of the latest SEO changes, it can seem almost impossible to stay on top. To answer this need, many content marketing companies have risen to the challenge, and this industry is rapidly growing and influencing others. This has never been clearer than when looking at some of the numerous acquisitions and mergers that are taking place throughout every industry.
New leader Business Insider has just announced a merger with Axel Springer SE that will focus primarily on boosting the content that is provided by the Business Insider brand. This particular merger involves Axel Springer SE purchasing a whopping 88 percent of Business Insider’s stock shares, and it helps illustrate just how important the content piece of content marketing actually is.
After all, when a successful news website agrees to merge with another business with the primary intention of boosting their content, it becomes clear that the basics of content marketing impact every type of site.
International search and content marketing company Searchmetrics operates an enterprise platform that assists business owners with creating the right type of content for their target market. Searchmetrics recently announced that they have partnered with Equancy, which is a global marketing consultancy.
This partnership is reportedly intended to help Equancy boost their marketing skills, and it also has the potential to expose a wider variety of business owners to the perks that have become associated with strategic content marketing.
Another intriguing development in the news world occurred when News Corp moved forward with the acquisition of Unruly Holdings. This gives News Corp access to a wealth of new marketing products, including the ShareRank software that helps improve the performance of video content. News Corp has committed to utilizing this acquisition in order to boost their overall content marketing strategy.
It is expected that this will result in higher profits for the companies that advertise via News Corp. If everything goes according to plan, the value of News Corp should greatly increase, and they will also be able to bring new content marketing ideas to life.
Pulse Point is preparing to acquire some fresh blood in order to boost the content marketing aspect of their business. The company announced earlier this week that they have raised $30 million with the sole intention of seeking out worthwhile mergers and acquisitions that can increase their place within the industry. Additionally, this could soon put them in a position to become more influential on the ever-evolving world of content marketing.
Regardless of whether or not these examples of recent acquisitions and mergers are ultimately successful, it is virtually certain that they will have a notable impact on the world of content marketing.
When you consider the fact that online marketers and business owners were barely aware of the concept of content marketing only five years ago, it is clear that there is still a lot of room for growth and improvement.
This will understandably change the way content marketing companies work, and forward-thinking media businesses such as News Corp and the Business Insider are already aware that it will also have a long-lasting effect on their ability to connect with Internet users.
As a result, it is likely that we begin seeing an even larger emphasis placed on news companies acquiring businesses that have developed noteworthy content marketing strategies. At the same time, companies that specialize in content marketing are just as likely to continue looking for partnerships that help them expand their industry.
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