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Facebook up to 2 million advertisers, mostly small businesses

By Holly L. Walters     Feb 26, 2015 in Business
Small to medium-sized business owners know how difficult and expensive it can be to advertise. However, with social media giants such as Facebook, this super platform can be the most viable and popular way for most to reach their targeted audience.
Business owners often find out that competition can be one of the biggest hurdles for most companies to overcome today. In order for most to gain that edge, they need to reach their consumers. While many have used Google in the past to digitally advertise, this worldwide leader has seen its market share dwindle from 33.6 percent in 2013 to a 31 percent share according to Reuters.
On Tuesday, Facebook announced that its advertisers had risen from 1.5 million to approximately 2 million. This staggering figure is represented by small to mid-sized business owners who are looking for more feasible ways to advertise.
Google has been king globally as the primary search method for consumers. However, with its high costs, small business owners are looking for alternative methods to reach their audience. One owner in Florida found that by switching to Facebook advertising, she could shave thousands off her advertising costs per year.
Facebook sees this as an opportunity to open the door and make its mark by pushing harder than Google. Investors reports they’ve even come up with a mobile app that allows businesses to better manage and control their advertising campaigns. Users to Facebook advertising can design and edit their ads. They can also receive advertising notifications and keep track of their performance and spending through Facebook.
In addition to being cost effective, Facebook knows the importance of creating its very own page and brand. It makes it easy for small businesses to reach other users via their profile. By simply using your company logo or primary photo, it can showcase exactly what a business represents.
Having a Facebook page is not nearly enough when it comes to getting a brand out there. Small businesses also have to rack up the number of followers by creating interesting content. Users who have liked a particular page will witness the new posts such as their latest promotions, photos or videos. Typically the ones that garner the most attention are short and visually appealing.
Small business owners may be difficult to reach, especially because they aren’t as tech savvy as the larger corporations. However, Facebook makes it easy for most when it comes to building their audience. Their built-in tools allows a business to invite friends and contacts to follow a page. When done on a regular basis, a company can grow their audience without having to break the bank. They can then use this method of advertising on business cards, primary website, emails and any other marketing materials that are produced through the business.
They also have a host of advertising options that allows customers direct access to their website. Facebook even has a host of user data that can target a company’s ads to followers who are most interested in the businesses product or services. The analytic tools businesses can use via Facebook also allow them to better understand what ads are best suited and can drive up their sales.
When it comes to engaging followers to a business, Facebook also understands the importance of providing regular content. Whether a business posts one or three times per week, updates should be timely. They also allow a small business to private message and speak directly to other users via comments. This form of dialog encourages followers to engage in future posts. If a company offers special promotions, Facebook has a tool for creating coupons according to Business News Daily. For a minimal fee, they can even promote it on other news feeds.
With the advances in its mobile app and easy navigation for the least tech savvy individuals, it’s no surprise that Facebook is the fastest growing advertiser for small businesses, especially Europe, East Africa, Middle East and Asian Pacific regions.
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