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article imageEverything you need to know about global Facebook-ad performance

By B2B News Network     Aug 12, 2015 in Business
Facebook is leading the pack when it comes to ad efficacy, as studies tell us, but ad performance varies country to country.
Recent figures published by Nanigans, a social marketing platform, show some countries offer better results for marketers than others.
Facebook ad performance by country
In the study, Nanigans, who is also a Facebook Marketing Partner, examined all Facebook ad campaigns run through its platform during the period of Jan. 1 through April 30. These are some key findings:
  • Iceland had the highest penetration rate at 67 percent
  • Cost-per-click was most costly in the U.K., followed by Canada, U.S. and France
  • For mobile, CPCs in Norway were the highest measured ($1.10, 117 percent higher than European average of .51)
  • 56 percent of residents in Uruguay and Argentina have Facebook accounts
  • The second largest Facebook population is in Latin America (217.5 million users), Asia is the highest
  • German Facebook users were the “most likely to click” on a Facebook ad (63 percent above the average European user)
  • Users in the United States had the highest click-through rate at 1.2 percent, in Canada .9 percent
  • For mobile, the highest CTR was in Chile (1.5 percent)
Why this is important for B2Bs
As we reported earlier this year, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm has been a major concern for B2Bs and a topic of conversation since 2012. Many businesses have been seeing a significant drop in its organic reach on Facebook. Yet, the network is still viewed upon as a major referrer for referrals and many B2B firms have turned to paid Facebook ads now that non-paid marketing on the social network is becoming extinct.
According to a June 2015 article posted at Social Media B2B, 88 percent of B2B marketers use Facebook, 36 percent say marketing on the network is effective and 30 percent say it’s their “most important” platform.
Other noteworthy stats include: 53 percent of B2B marketers plan to increase Facebook use, 57 percent want to learn more about using the network and 75 percent have paid for ads on Facebook.
Statistics posted by are similar. These figures state since 2013 use of promoted posts has risen 120 percent (and also cited 75 percent of brands on Facebook pay to promote posts). Historical data from forecasts these stats are likely to rise. WebProNews reported in April 2015 that Nanigans found CTR for Facebook ads increased 260 percent in the past year.
The benefit to businesses paying for ads guarantee reach, where organic traffic can be iffy at best. Facebook is heavily investing in its advertising platform and works with firms to flesh out budgets and goals.
But before investing in either Facebook advertising or Promoted Posts, it’s a good idea to take the time to compare and analyze the two depending on your firm’s goals.
Paying attention to mobile
Recently, we’ve reported on trends that show B2Bs are slow to embrace mobile marketing despite the heavy use by B2B buyers. This is something firms want to keep a pulse on because statistics point to massive increases in mobile use (a staggering 600 percent growth in smartphone subscriptions since 2010). Facebook may be an important marketing channel as other indicators point to video ads increasingly becoming popular.
Other noteworthy stats include:
  • 50 percent of daily active users on Facebook watch 1 or more videos a day (53 percent via a friend sharing the video. Up to 75 percent will do this on a mobile gadget)
  • 87 percent of Millennials say they always carry their smartphone with them
  • There were about 4 billion video views a day on Facebook in Q1 of 2015
  • Almost 64 percent of B2B tech buyers said they read 2 to 5 pieces of content before deciding on a purchase (source: Eccolo Media via Komarketing Associates)
If that last stat is any indicator, pushing out content via Facebook may attract the customers B2B execs are seeking. Many B2B decision-makers are Millienials using mobile devices. Additionally, Capterra reports 43 percent of B2B marketers using the network for promotion purposes have acquired new customers.
Knowing your market and linking it to global statistics relating to Facebook ads can help make for more targeted decisions on if, where and how often to spend advertising dollars on Facebook.
This article was originally published on B2B News Network, by Leigh Goessl. Copyright 2015.
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