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article imageInterview: Kunal Sood opens up about TED Residency and book Special

By Markos Papadatos     Sep 28, 2016 in Business
Kunal Sood chatted with Digital Journal about his background, TED Residency, Novus Summit, X Fellows, as well as his involvement with Women's Entrepreneurship Day.
Digital Journal: Kunal tell our audience about your background?
"I see myself as a Curator of the Future. As a social impact innovator, philanthropist, angel investor and dynamic advocate for change, I am passionate about transforming the lives of a billion people worldwide over the next decade by being a catalyst for technological innovation and entrepreneurship. From working with Harvard University in the slums of Mumbai in India to collaborating with the United Nations in New York to support the 17 UN Global Goals, I have an unwavering commitment towards having a positive impact on humanity."
Digital Journal: What has led you to the UN?
"I serve as Founder of Novus Summit at the United Nations. Novus is my way of giving back to the United States, a country that accepted me when my motherland (India) did not know what to do with a young person like me. I was an undergrad student at Parsons School of Design when 9/11 occurred. I saw such strength, resilience, hope and courage in the great city of New York, and knew that New York would become an indelible part of the fabric of my life. I wish to serve this city wholeheartedly."
Digital Journal: Tell us how you got your TED Residency?
"As an Executive Coach and Curator, I have dedicated my life to helping others unlock their exponential potential to become transformational leaders. I have made it my life's calling to create the conditions for humanity to flourish using the science of Positive Psychology by leveraging exponential technologies."
Digital Journal: What is your topic and how will you put this into action?
"Exponential Happiness is my forthcoming TED Talk and book. I will use the latest research in the field Positive Psychology and marry it with our increasing exponential technological world in order to help people re-imagine the pursuit of happiness."
Digital Journal: You have a diverse background, you started in fashion and now you are in the social political world, how did you get there?
I have a lifelong love for learning, with five masters degrees under my belt and am a graduate of the highly coveted Global Solutions Program at Singularity University. My curation talent comes from my days in fashion in New York in the late 90s, and my involvement in the social political world comes from what I learned serving as Executive Producer for TEDxUNPlaza, co-producing the End Polio Campaign with Rotary International in 2013, and serving as a CCARE Fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism.
Digital Journal: Tell us about the Novus Summit and how this came about?
"Novus is an intergenerational impact network to support the United Nations 2030 Agenda using 17 UN Global Goals that were established in 2015 at the UN General Assembly to spark positive action. Novus hosts an annual summit at the UN General Assembly Hall in partnership with the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs during the UN High Level Political Forum to honor and recognize the work of pioneers and change makers around the world working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."
Digital Journal: What are your goals for your success?
"I am passionate about transforming the lives of a billion people worldwide over the next decade."
Digital Journal: What is X Fellows?
"I serve as Founder and CXO of X Fellows. X Fellows allows individuals to unlock their exponential potential. We unite innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, and other incredible minds from around the globe to come together and solve for X to improve our planet."
Digital Journal: Tell us about your upcoming book?
Exponential Happiness goes beyond being happy. My book explores how we grapple with such themes as moral courage, pain, resilience, and helping humanity thrive in the face of adversity.
Digital Journal: What is your involvement with Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and what else are you involved with?
"I serve on the Advisory Boards of EDCast, Impact Leadership 21, UNABH, Hack Cancer, and Women’s Entrepreneurship Day where I am chairman of the WED Fellows Accelerator which convenes annually at the United Nations. I am the recipient of several impact honors and awards for leadership for Social Impact in Media and Exponential Technology at the United Nations, TIECon NYC, and Singularity University. I have been a keynote and plenary speaker at the United Nations General Assembly, Google, Nexus Global Youth Summit, IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology, KIN Global, SXSW, Tribeca Disruptors Innovation Awards, and US Institute of Peace."
Digital Journal: With your research in exponential happiness, what is your ideal of happiness?
"Helping people flourish brings me great joy."
Digital Journal: What are your plans for the future?
"This is the quote that embodies all of my work: 'Courage is not the absence of fear, but the judgment that something else, like love and compassion are more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious bystanders do not live at all.' - Meg Cabot."
To learn more about Kunal Sood, follow him on Twitter.
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