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article imageSocial learning platform for sales and talent development Special

By Tim Sandle     Dec 1, 2017 in Business
Braidio is a social learning platform for sales enablement and talent development, integrating real-time communications capabilities. To find out more we spoke with Iain Scholnick, the company's CEO.
Understanding that most people are spending a lot of time looking at their smartphones looking at text messages, social media notifications, alerts, work reminders, and more, Braidio has come up with a solution for businesses. Rather than seeing the dominance of mobile devices as a distraction in the workplace, the designers behind Braidio see it as an opportunity for the modern workforce.
Braidio is a social learning platform for sales enablement and talent development and the company has partnered with Ribbon in order to integrate real-time communications capabilities to deliver a platform to enable social learning and mobile training for enterprise workforces worldwide.
To understand the drivers for such technology, Digital Journal spoke with Iain Scholnick, Founder and CEO of Braidio.
Digital Journal: Thanks for the interview Iain. Why the interest in mobile devices?
Iain Scholnick: Consumers spend more than half of their digital time on smartphones. This shift has effectively placed telecoms at the front door of consumers' digital experience. In terms of worldwide specifics: 6hrs of the 24hr mobile device “clock” is spent on enterprise and personal knowledge discovery and learning. In short, a lot of learning is done on mobile devices which means it’s probably a good place to be for Braidio.
DJ: Do you predict continued growth for mobile technology? Will some devices prove more popular than others?
Scholnick: Yes, growth will continue. Wireless devices provide easier access as less physical infrastructure is required, i.e. they are the path of least resistance for accessing the consumer-subscriber. Devices that will prove more popular will be devices that provide a rich user experience that includes group chat, group video, and group collaboration and rich content engagement alongside Just In Time delivery of tailored content based on your daily personal and professional workflows.
DJ: Which types of services does Braidio offer?
Scholnick:Braidio is the first company to provide a social learning platform that sits atop this global telecomm backbone as a micro-service that can be deployed and by over 1200 carriers worldwide.
DJ: Which types of mobile learning do you specialize in?
Scholnick:Braidio is a true “mobile first” learning platform. Specifically, Braidio provides a rich social learning experience that tightly integrates a Unified Communications experience that includes group chat, group video, and group collaboration, knowledge discovery from sources both internal and external to your company.
The Braidio ethos is delivering workflow driven learning using a Just In Time or “dynamic” discovery & delivery of the needed problem-solution snack size content based on your daily personal and professional workflows.
DJ: Which types of companies or individuals do you sell to?
Scholnick:Braidio is currently experiencing tremendous growth in the global wireless ecosystem. We sell into the Carrier, the Carrier Reseller, and the carrier/reseller services Enterprise. What is commonly described as the channel sales “multi-tier” in the telecom sector.
DJ: Why have you partnered with Ribbon?
Scholnick:Ribbon is the largest Network Transformation company in the world and carries over 80% of global IP traffic on its backbone. With 1200+ Carrier and ISV customers, 1800 Resellers, tens of thousand of enterprise deployments that touch over 2 billion, Ribbon fits the criteria of “good partner” material for Braidio.
DJ: What types of new services will the partnership deliver?
Scholnick:Braidio and Ribbon will be delivering the largest mobile-first social learning platform by wireless footprint and we will have the largest “learning content” distribution network in the world.
DJ: How have you addressed data security concerns?
Scholnick:Yes. Braidio is embedded deeply in the telecom security infrastructure of Ribbon, whose customers include Banks, Healthcare Providers, and the Pentagon among a host of “data sensitive” clients
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