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article imageThe International 2014 gaming tournament breaks $10 million

By Walter McDaniel     Jun 27, 2014 in Entertainment
The Dota 2 prize pool has grown to incredible levels and anyone who finishes in the top 12 will gain some impressive funds.
Known to hardcore fans as "The International 4" (TI4) the Dota 2 International Tournament of 2014 is drawing in massive press and huge money. At time of this writing the prize pool is at $10,019,537.00 USD. At the current pool, which will not stop there, even those who finish in the very bottom of the top 12 will get around $30,000 per player. Each player on the top team will be a millionaire. Between streaming, endorsements and prize money professional gamers now make six figure incomes.
A major reason for the huge pool is the fact that everyone who owns one will get a variety of TI4-specific items. These are limited edition and you can look at them yourself on the Valve-owned site. These items should prove at least somewhat valuable down the line for those collecting or selling them.
When talking about Dota 2 you also need to talk about the company which owns the rights to it. Valve was a small gaming company that had some much-loved games such as Half Life. All that changed when they created Steam. The game sales and distribution platform made them incredible profits and launched them to the top of the PC gaming market.
According to Forbes the company is now worth billions due to game sales and the sale of digital items. Valve gets a cut of all the Steam commerce and it is a massively growing sector of business. Game sales account for a decent chunk of their profits spurred on by "Steam Sales" where you can get games at a significant discount. Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 see enormous amounts of virtual item activity every day.
Dota 2 is one of the most played games in the world according to PC Gamer. It is easy to see why the money would come alongside such a massive fan base. The game itself has also grown greatly from a humble Warcraft 3 mod.
Much as in any other sport teams also have drama, fights and conflict between players. The most recent example of this is with team Fnatic. They had to write a letter explaining the problems with the team and one player who is having problems. This may actually keep them from participating with their full team at TI4. This is the equivalent of a team saying they are going to the World Cup and then having one or more members bow out.
Both the DOTA 2 scene and MLG gaming make millions upon millions for those that run them. There are also smaller scenes like League of Legends where players also make a decent living. So why is this in business and not gaming? Any gamers who care already know about this prize pool. Those in business should take note that not only is developing video games now a real job, playing them is too.
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