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article imageSurging market for electric vehicles in 2014 and beyond

By Ashton Jones     Mar 9, 2014 in Business
Manufacturers are offering more electric vehicles than ever. With market prices falling, consumers are welcoming this rapidly growing technology. From the environment to the macro-economy, humanity has much to gain from this emerging industry.
There are many factors coming together to propel the electric vehicle industry. Massive investments in production capabilities are preparing to drive down costs even further through economies of scale. For example, Tesla Motors Incorporated is preparing a production facility capable of producing approximately 500,000 vehicles annually. With increasing production, the global stock of electric vehicles will soon reach one million.
The increase of supply and competition are creating options and lowering prices. Overall falling prices are enabling more consumers to purchase electric vehicles. Rising demand promotes investment in compatible infrastructure. Charging stations are popping up around the globe in preparation for the ever-increasing number of electric vehicles on the road. Improving the current infrastructure will increase employment in an era with so much to do. The transition will be more efficient and cleaner on the environment that we depend on for our existence.
Agile and innovative producers are benefiting from smart moves. Current trends are favoring the Nissan Leaf for its low cost and 135-kilometer/84-mile range. Tesla is rising fast as their production takes off. The Model-S by Tesla is offering batteries with an impressive 426-kilometer/265-mile range. Many companies are expected to release electric models in the near future. As developments continue there will be a great variety of options to look out for.
Around the global economy there are many players making huge moves. BMW AG, BYD, Daimler, Ford, GM, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tesla, and Toyota are just some of the top international businesses that are making great progress in advancing the wide-spread adoption of electric vehicles.
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