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article imageSocial media is becoming increasingly influential on consumers

By Holly L. Walters     Aug 1, 2015 in Business
There have been numerous debates about the actual effectiveness of social media in regards to consumer purchases, but the reality is that Internet users are more likely than ever before to become influenced by things they see on Facebook and Twitter.
However, the true key is to be aware that your company’s social media accounts are only a small piece of the overall puzzle. Not only do you need to expand your reach via other inbound marketing techniques but you must also rely on consumer reviews and influential social media users to help drive traffic to your website or retail store products.
After all, it is easy for people to dismiss the bold claims that are made by advertisers on a company’s Facebook page, but this level of doubt quickly becomes overcome when people they know or admire do the advertising for you. Additionally, you need to pay close attention to social media trends in order to fully capitalize on your company’s potential for customer growth.
Earlier this month, Epsilon released the findings of their 2015 Digital Shopping Tool Impact Study. Perhaps the most intriguing piece of information that business owners can glean from this study is the fact that Facebook is, by far, the most influential social media platform. Interestingly, Twitter is also very high up the list, but only for the Millennial Generation.
In other words, if you are trying to capture the attention of Baby Boomers, you will want to focus more of your energy on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Meanwhile, younger shoppers spend most of their time on Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, 40 percent of Millennials seek out online coupons, and older generations are even more likely to use this money-saving tactic.
Another important thing to note about the Millennial Generation is that they are more likely than any other age group to consider themselves to be early adopters of new technology, and 68 percent of them feel an increased level of confidence and interest in a service or product after seeing a post on social media from one of their friends.
To put it bluntly, if businesses really want to capture the attention of this market, they must find ways to spread the word on social media. However, simply putting up posts on a daily basis is not going to build the same level of trust that can be obtained through connecting with influential social media personalities.
People who are regarded as influential on Twitter and Facebook include celebrities and regular people who have managed to build a high following based on the content of their posts. Interestingly, many of these avid social media users are actually willing to sell their Facebook posts and tweets.
For example, makes it possible for any company to connect with some of the highest profile and most influential members of their chosen social media sites. This means that if a company wants to reach out to Millennials about a new video game, they can pay an influential Twitter user to do the work for them. According to Venture Beat, The Influential Network got its start after raising $1.5 million and now has access to approximately 1,000 celebrities.
Overall, statistics indicate that social media usage and influence on consumer decisions is continuously on the rise. Therefore, although it may take a long time for your daily posts to translate into added revenue, every business needs to take social media seriously. Companies that can afford to go one step further by hiring the services of an influential celebrity or social media personality are likely to get a good return for their investment, especially if they are targeting Millennials.
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