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article imageOp-Ed: Outsourcing America: $3 an hour

By Chikako Uchinami     Jul 10, 2014 in Business
Pittsburgh - Remember your old office job? The one you got laid off from? The good news is you can get it back. The bad news? No overtime, no benefits- and you'll have to underbid $3.00 an hour contractors from Pakistan.
Outsourcing. It's the newest thing, taking first place in the buzzword race. Forget about efficiency, productivity, automation and all those other upper-management clichés that translate into "you're FIRED, Dagwood!" Outsourcing is the new globalist's way of transforming you — the American Worker — into a third-world peon happy to have any job at all.
Sure, it can mean sending your Gov't job across the street to the Rent-a-Cop Shop. But don't kid yourself; the end game is offshoring, and no one will even know it happened until the only paying jobs left in America are at Blackwater or whatever they call themselves this week. Of course, you could always go shovel it down at the it factory, but remember — the Homeless Depot guys already took those jobs, Doc.
You see, the bosses have a plan. And you aren't part of it anymore. First they sent the company itself overseas; now, they just send your job. The Union can't help you, and the US Gov't won't. The minimum wage law, hours and benefits contracts, all of it goes out the window — with your paycheck — when upper management discovers they can hire whoever they want, wherever they want thanks to the new connected economy.
Aerospace machinist? Hang it up. A few mouse clicks, and your company's prototype parts are rolling in from Uzbekistan at $0.10 a piece. Don't believe it's possible? Here, try it yourself, and then tell me: is your boss going to keep you and your benefits on staff? The answer may be and should be yes (more on that below); but I bet you have that uneasy feeling in your gut right now.
Skilled office worker? Don't worry, you can enjoy the benefits of freelancing when the Department folds its tent. Those benefits include, well... a lot of free time on your hands. There's even a Union, sort of. The problem? In the Globalized Marketplace you'll be competing against skilled English speakers in countries whose minimum wage starts at $3.00 an hour. But your old boss will hire you at US rates, right? Right...
This is the stark reality of outsourcing in the globalized economy, and many people are saying it's about time the Federal Government and the UN do something about it. Why should it be legal to pay less than the Federal Minimum Wage to an overseas outsourced worker when Americans are going homeless and jobless in our streets? Why should the US be buying booster rockets from Russia, when Elon wants to make them with US workers? But there's more, and it's deeper.
Outsourcing is the final stage of the ultimate decay of the US as a world power.
Say what? Here's why: when management outsources your job, not only do you start bouncing down the economic stairs, but so does America. As your individual buying power shrinks, you don't spend the way you used to. And when you don't spend the way you used to, Sears closes shops. When Sears closes shops, you can't work there anymore. When you don't work there anymore, you don't pay taxes. And when you don't pay taxes, the Gov't runs out of money. When the Gov't runs out of money, the debt grows like toenail fungus and welfare runs out of funds.
That's where we are, right now.
Of course, every cloud has its silver lining. Look on the bright side: the environment will thank you, as the machinery of America grinds to a halt. China will thank you, as they supplant the US as a world power. I can't think of any other benefits right now. But I'm really trying. Really.
I was raised in Japan, but I was born in the USA. When I returned to visit the industrial heartland where I was born, I was shocked to see gutted factories, rusting ghettos, and abandoned ghost towns where United States Steel once ruled the seven seas.
You can still turn it around. It's not too late. You can start to listen to guys like Elon and The Donald, repatriate your manufacturing, re-employ your skilled labor. You can pass laws to make the 19th Hole Bosses read The Great Society and Atlas Shrugged.
Or you can drink Brawndo, smoke weed and watch (a) foreign TV.
The choice is yours.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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