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article imageFord develops car seat which detects driver having a heart attack

By Mike White     Oct 21, 2014 in Technology
Ford has developed a car seat that can detect if a driver is having a heart attack. If such a condition is detected, automated braking and steering systems can be activated to stop the vehicle.
According to, technology has already brought car seats which can massage a driver, be heated, cool a driver, and hold a driver in place when the car is turning. Detecting a heart attack, however, would take auto-tech a step further.
The technology would use a camera in the car to detect when a driver slumps and "electrocardiograph" (heart-monitoring) sensors to detect a heartbeat that is irregular. The sensors would be in the seat. If a problem is detected, the vehicle would bring itself to a stop. Emergency services would then be contacted.
Pim van der Jagt, Ford Research Center Director, said the technology has been developed, because there will come a day in the future when 100-year-old drivers will be commonplace. He believes heart attacks and various other medical conditions will at that time become a major cause of accidents.
He noted "about 30 per cent of people above 65 have some kind of heart irregularity." Van der Jagt noted because the number of older drivers will rise so much, this will become a big concern as far as road safety.
Experts believe older drivers will be willing to pay more for such technology, because they know they are more prone to various physical problems.
Dr. Achim Linder of the Ford research Center said such technology can also be used to detect electrolyte imbalances and high blood pressure.
It has not been revealed when the new technology will be used in cars.
“We observe mega trends, and we observe what customers want and what they will spend their money on,” Pim van der Jagt, commented, as reported in the “One hundred-year-olds driving cars will not be abnormal in the future.”
According to the, Ford's European Research and Innovation Center in Aachen, Germany is working on the technology that uses six sensors in a car seat.
The system would also give a message to the driver, telling him to pull over.
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