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article imageEventa survey says 80% of people have an office romance

By Drew Hendricks     Sep 29, 2014 in Business
For many of us model professionals, office romances are a divisive subject. On the one hand, it’s the perfect way to clear up that awkward sexual tension hovering over the workroom.
It’s a thing that the stiffer-collared among us would never stoop to engage in — or so we thought.
Because, according to a new poll by entertainments company Eventa, there is something about the workplace that gets even the most conservative loins stirring. After surveying more than 200 people across workplaces in the UK, Eventa have come upon the discovery that as many as four in five (80 percent) of us has at some point in our careers had an office fling. Cast an eye over your workplace right now — think you can tell which of your fellow staff members have been having it on with one another?
The lusty breakthroughs don’t end there though. Eventa has also revealed that as many as one in four (25 percent) of us is currently harbouring a crush on a co-worker. Keep your eyes peeled for those longing stares from across the room — you never know, it could be you whom half the office wants to secretly drag into the supply cupboard.
And as we’re approaching the party season, what better way to celebrate than with a bit of infidelity? That’s what one in four (25 percent) of us may apparently end up engaging in at this year’s staff Christmas party, according to Eventa’s poll.
“Christmas is a romantic time of year,” said a spokesperson for Eventa. “Everyone’s got their cosy jumpers on, there’s the smell of spices in the air and Frank Sinatra music is playing. People can’t help but naturally become more romantic at Christmas.”
So what do these statistics mean for the honest professionals amongst us? Surely one question underpins all of this saucy information — what about the fallout? Well, according to Eventa, even the stiffest-collared employees need not fear — based on past experiences, the results have been mostly positive. Almost half (45 percent) of those involved with a colleague have continued dating that person, with a fairy tale figure of 12 percent reporting that their fling eventually led to marriage.
In fact, less than one in 13 respondents said that their romance ended with any negative repercussions. Only an unfortunate 7.5 oercent of those surveyed said that they have had to change jobs in the past as a result of their clandestine affairs.
“Can it harm their career? I think it can actually help it,” said the Eventa spokesperson. “Someone might not be enjoying their work, but a bit of flirting with a colleague can add some spark to their life in the office.”
That said, more than one in three (37 percent) of those involved in some sordid activity said that they would intentionally avoid eye contact with the other party whilst at work after hanky-panky — so if you’re planning to get your rocks off, perhaps make sure it’s not with someone you work closely with.
With Christmas party season coming up fast, now is the time to start keeping your eyes peeled for lingering glances. Keep in mind that, of those surveyed by Eventa, around one in five (22 percent) said that their risqué liaisons had been premeditated. So if you’re one of the 35 percent who has never had any carnal affairs with a colleague — and you want to keep it that way — best prepare yourself now for any awkward approaches at the office Christmas party.
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