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article imageBusiness hubs: Which country has the most businesses?

By Tim Sandle     Sep 16, 2020 in Business
Under the time of coronavirus, business growth is challenging. For those looking to invest or to work, where to target investment is important and this is often based on business density.
Across the globe are millions of businesses ranging in size, industry and location. One interesting question from this is which country is home to the most businesses per square kilometer?
Analysts at Small Business Prices have looked into the number of registered businesses in every major country and then compared this to the country's size. This was undertaken to reveal just how many companies fit in each square kilometer. Data was drawn from June 2020.
The data shows that there are considerable global variations in terms of the most and least densely populated locations for businesses.
In terms of the top 10 countries for the number of businesses they have per square kilometer, the analysis showed:
1 Netherlands - with 2,056,255 business (which makes for 61 business per square kilometre).
2 Israel- with 814,020 firms and 37.6 businesses per square kilometer
3 Belgium - with 1,103,770 firms and 36.5 businesses per square kilometer
4 Luxembourg - with 62,407 companies and 24.1 businesses per square kilometer
5 Italy - with 6,468,095 companies and 22 businesses per square kilometer
6 Czech Republic - with 1,652,039 firms and 21.4 businesses per square kilometer
7 Portugal - with 1,570,803 firms and 17.2 businesses per square kilometer
8 Slovakia - with 767,451 firms and 16 businesses per square kilometer
9 U.K. - a very high 3,788,578 companies and 15.7 businesses per square kilometer
10 Japan - the highest on the list, with 4,809,581 companies although only 13.2 businesses per square kilometer
Key surprises are that industrial powerhouses like U.S., Germany and China doe not make the lists, reflecting on the disparities within their own territories. In coming top, the Netherlands is a surprise to many although this reflects industrial growth and density of the Dutch mainland (within Europe, this is borne out by European Union data).
The analysis also revels the number of businesses per capita (that is companies per person), with the Czech Republic taking top spot with just seven people per business. The U.K. ranked 28th with 18 people per business.
The top ten firms per person are:
Czech Republic
Slovak Republic
It should be noted that there are variations with such data, and a comparison, with slightly different outcomes, has been compiled by Nation Master where Cyprus comes top on the per capita list.
It also stands: What is a business? How many people need to be employed? How are sole proprietors, independent contractors, consultants and freelancers counted?
The U.K. leads the way for new business startups with more than 650,000 registered in one year.
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