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article imageApple Card can cause damage to wallets and jeans

By Tim Sandle     Aug 22, 2019 in Business
Apple's credit card, released during August 2019 to a selected group of Apple aficionados ahead of a major roll-out, has been found to be capable of affecting the color and texture of certain materials, like denim.
Popping your credit card into the pocket or your jeans or into you purse or wallet is a natural thing to do before heading out. The problem is, with the Apple Card, this can lead to the card causing the clothing to become discolored. Apple have acknowledged the glitch and have issued a warning to users. There are also issues where the Apple card is stored alongside other credit and store cards, with the tougher Apple card capable of scratching other cards, according to the BBC.
The Apple Card was launched on August 6, 2019, initially to a smaller group of customers in the U.S.. Wider availability was expected to occur from September, but there have been official dates announced. The card is designed to be accessible for every iPhone owner. The card is issued by Goldman Sachs and it makes use of the Mastercard network.
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The design of the Apple card was so that it stands out against others in the market. The card is a plain matt white credit card fashioned from titanium. The use of a predominantly white color fits in with Apple's corporate image.
In response to the risks of the user's clothing or wallet altering color, Apple has published a user guide which advises customers how to "safely store and carry" their Apple Card. Apple Insider has also tweeted: "You need to clean the #Apple Card with a microfiber cloth, and Apple says to keep it away from leather and denim."
This has led to some negative publicity, with many questioning how a leading tech company can issue a product in 2019 which can cause this level of damage. One user tweeted in response: "So, not only is @Apple just straight up jacking people, they now are giving you instructions on how to clean a god-damn #AppleCard?!"
Another person tweets: "Of all stupid things Apple have done through the years, this might be the biggest fail so far, company which worth is almost a trillion dollars makes a card which cannot be placed in a leather wallet / bag or jeans, I mean Steve *** Jobs was literally wearing them."
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