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Biography on Jack London by James L. Haley, examines legendary writer's life in detail

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Dec 19, 2010 in
"Wolf - The Lives of Jack London," By James L. Haley gives a fascinating detailed account of the legendary author's life. Haley writes in a style that is engaging and gives insight into a complicated life.
London's life was not easy by any means. He struggled with poverty most of his early life and was self-taught in his studies. Haley provides lots of documentation about not only London himself, but the times and setting in which London had lived.
Like Mark Twain and other great American author's, London was a distinct individual.
Haley gives a strong outline of a man who was self-taught, took on rugged situations, and lots of hard work, yet was extremely sensitive.
When I say "sensitive" I am saying that London was able to take his vulnerably and write about, situations, events and people with passionate insight.
Haley explains why London was so unique for his times. And, why London had such an impact upon the literary scene, becoming a celebrity in his own right.
For anyone who loves American literature as well as history, "Wolf" is an engaging biography and for me was well worth my time.

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