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Oh snow, how I "love" you so...

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz
Posted Dec 14, 2010 in Environment
Winter in Beskidy...
Would anybody want a nice and cozy little house outside the city? Oh, how sweet dreams can be…
You often think about one…, and you need a change…, envy others?
Then read a diary of a “lucky” one…
This story has been circulating in exchanged e-mails in Poland. FYI, Beskidy is a mountain range in southern Poland. Have fun reading...
August 12,
We moved in to our new house, oh God, how beautiful area it is here… The trees look so majestically here…, can’t wait until they are covered with snow.
October 14
Beskidy region is the most beautiful in the world. All the leaves have changed colours into red-and-orange tones. I went for a country drive and saw a few deer – what beautiful animals they are! I am sure they are the most beautiful animals on this Earth. Here’s like a paradise. God, I love it here…
November 11
Soon the hunting season starts. I can’t imagine how somebody can kill a deer, such a nice animal…I hope I will soon see the first snowfall…
December 2
Last night the first snow fell. When I woke up everything was covered with this white duvet, a view like the one of an X-mas card. We went outside and removed the first snow from the stairs and driveway, made snowball fight (I won…!) and then the snow plough came and dumped huge amount of snow to the place that we removed it from and we had to remove it from there again. I love Beskidy…
December 12
Last night we had another snowfall. The snow plough repeated the joke with the driveway. I love this place.
December 19
Yet another snowfall came last night. Because the driveway was inaccessible I couldn’t go to work. I am tired of removing snow. Fucking snow plough…
December 22
Last night we had even more of this white shit. My hands are now growing the calluses after holding a snow shovel. I am sure that the snow plough is just waiting around the corner until I remove snow from the driveway. What a motherfucker…
December 27
Again this white crap came last night. For the past three days I haven’t picked out my nose out from the house, except removing snow from the driveway, this time after the snow plough passed. I can’t go anywhere now. My car got stuck inside of the mountain of this white shit. The weather man was telling something about new 25 cm of snow coming tonight. Can you imagine how many full shovels this will be?
December 28
The weather man was wrong, there was some 85 cm of new snow, and this won’t have thawed by next summertime. The snow plough got stuck in snow and my neighbour-idiot came here to borrow a shovel from me. I told him that I had broken six of them while shoveling this white shit out of my driveway. The last I had I broke on his stupid red neck.
January 4
Finally I got out of the house. I went to the store to get something to eat. On the way back home, the deer fell under my car and damaged it severely, it looks like $2,000 job to fix the body. They should have hunted them all to death here during the hunting season.
May 3
I brought my car to the body shop to fix it. You won’t believe how much it got rusted because of salt they were using to sprinkle on snow…
May 18
I moved back to the city. Can’t imagine how somebody with a little of common sense can live here in such a remote area in Beskidy.

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