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I met President Bill Clinton...

By Matt Harding
Posted Nov 30, 2010 in Politics
And I'm finally posting it on Digital Journal. The day was October 24, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. As Michiganders may know, Bill Clinton was at Renaissance High School to rally for Gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero. Bernero, the Mayor of Lansing, lost to Rick Snyder; Snyder's landslide victory had been predicted well before the November election. President Clinton, however, was supposed to change this. Of course, his visit really had no effect whatsoever on the results.
But, anywho...
I met the 42nd President of the United States of America. To this very day, it's unreal that I can say this happened. As an avid baseball fan, I'd met tons of baseball stars in my times going to MLB games with my dad; even more as a journalist. But, a president?
As a fan, I was always good at scoping out players, getting autographs, that sort of thing. And I was absolutely determined to meet the former president and get my picture taken with him.
That's where my mother came in to play. I dragged her along, though she originally had no urge to go. I, unlike her, was so very excited. I think I was doubted when I told her: "I need you there so you can take my picture with the president."
I mean, after all, no tickets were needed to get into the event. We had the same chance as everyone else to get up close and personal with the president. Still, I was admittedly confident about my odds of meeting Clinton.
After a few hours of waiting in line outside of the high school, we entered. We stood along the railing, just a few yards away from the podium where President Clinton would be standing short hours from that moment.
I was excited.
While I don't identify myself as a Democrat, I would never have passed up the opportunity to go to the event. I listened to many speeches from candidates and those campaigning for candidates, the Democratic ticket in particular. I listened to rousing speeches (i.e. Denise Langford Morris) and ho-hum speeches (i.e. Alton Davis and Carl Levin)
I m not sure this pastor s name  but he gave a very great speech to announce Virg Bernero
I'm not sure this pastor's name, but he gave a very great speech to announce Virg Bernero
The very boring speaker  Judge Alton Davis
The very boring speaker, Judge Alton Davis
Oakland County Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris gave one of the best speeches of the day
Oakland County Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris gave one of the best speeches of the day
While I enjoyed many of the speeches, I still anticipated the president.
When Virg Bernero was announced, I knew we were just one person away. Bernero gave a pretty good speech.
The  Clinton look
The "Clinton look"
Then, Clinton himself was announced and gave his usual "Clintonian" speech; it was terrific. After his speech was finished, he and Bernero went to the rails to shake hands and take pictures. I shook Virg's hand and wished him the best of luck, thinking to myself: "This guy is going to get railed."
Then, the moment I'd been waiting for finally arrived. President Clinton was right in front of me. After shaking his hand, I politely asked for a picture with him. He, being the kind person he is, agreed.
My mother, who lacks photography skills, took my SLR and snapped a shot of the president and I. I was praying the photo turned out. It did, but to my surprise, Clinton asked, "Did it turn out okay?"
What a great guy! The picture was great and I shook his hand again, leaving the school with a smile plastered on my face.

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