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A small change to "likes" on Digital Journal

By Chris Hogg
Posted Nov 30, 2010 in Internet
We've been discussing a lot of things with our core membership recently and we've received a lot of great feedback on ways we can improve the site.
Over and over, one thing we kept hearing was that it wasn't necessary to show who "Liked" an article, blog or image. So today we've made a change to hide details of who liked content.
Previously, you could click on any article to see who "Liked" it. We implemented the feature as a way to show everyone who was active on the site. However, feedback we received indicated the list of names sometimes encouraged cliques or groups to form around content and certain contributors.
As a news site, we want to encourage active participation across the site, not among a group of contributors so we implemented today's change. The overwhelming majority of feedback we received indicated there was no reason to show who "liked" a piece of content, so we've starting hiding that information.
Right now we're doing this mostly as a test to see how it changes interaction on the site.
If you click on our Live Events tracker, it will show you your own activity, but others' names will be replaced with "Someone." The same goes for images and blogs.
We're dedicated to building a site that fosters a positive community and great interactions and this is one small step into implementing features our community has asked for. As always, we appreciate more input along the way.

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