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The Walking Dead is gory but compelling

By David Silverberg
Posted Nov 28, 2010 in Entertainment
When I first heard that a zombie graphic novel was going to be adapted to TV, I thought, "Well, this can be really bad." As in, so bad it flops in the first few episodes. Aren't we already inundated with too much zombie culture already, from films to zombie walks to comics?
But AMC's The Walking Dead has me hooked. It follows the story of a group of survivors after zombies run amok in modern-day U.S. The plot is compelling and more about the human relationships between the survivors than about shooting the undead in the head. How does a family stick together when the world is coming to an end? The tension builds between these relationships in a way that gives this TV show a new polish, as if it can be a trailblazer for horror shows in the future.
Let's not forget, the gore still makes its way into every episode. And the killings aren't for the weak of hearts: flesh gets torn from bone, entrails are splattered on the streets, bullets pierce foreheads with ease. I'm actually quite surprised AMC airs this at 9pm and 10pm on Sundays, which isn't very late for most viewers. Granted, we might be so desensitized by violence thee days that a bit of zombie guys doesn't make us flinch anymore.
The Walking Dead
is my new Sunday night addiction, and I'm glad AMC took a chance on an original series that hooks you with both story and action.

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