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Tropical vaccinations in Brazil

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz
Posted Nov 23, 2010 in Travel
When going to an exotic country you have to get required vaccinations. It's for your safety, no more arguing about this. Brazil has its regions where, while visiting, the vaccinations are necessary for you to have.
When you want to get your vaccinations done in Canada before you go for a trip, you have to end up paying at least $Can200. At the clinic in Canada they give you required instruction and show the map of Brazil where vaccinations are required. What they also inform you is that the Immigration Brazil can stop you going, for instance to the jungle if you don't provide the required documentation proving that the vaccination was already done when entering Brazil.
What I would like to inform you is that the Brazilian Immigration authorities don't ask anybody these questions at all. They don't care where you go. Vaccination is a sole responsibility of yourself.
On the metro in São Paulo  Brazil.
On the metro in São Paulo, Brazil.
My strong advice to all of you who visit Brazil is to get yourself vaccinated for free. In São Paulo, the main entry airport for almost all Brazilian destinations, at the main street, Avenida Paulista, (address: Avenida Paulista, 393 - Cerqueira César - Downtown - São Paulo) there's the Louis Pasteur Institute where you can get your vaccinations for free. The address is easily accessible by metro; you have to get to the station called Brigadeiro. You save a lot of money in this way and the level of their services is nothing worse than you can get in Canada.
Inside of Caixa Bank in São Paulo where there s art gallery open to public on Sundays.
Inside of Caixa Bank in São Paulo where there's art gallery open to public on Sundays.