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Are You Prepared?

By Christopher Wager
Posted Nov 20, 2010 in Lifestyle
If you have been paying any attention to Fox News and Glen Beck over the past year, you've heard him going on about preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. In prospective what has he meant by prepared? His most recent speech on being prepared has been on buying gold as an insurance policy against the unstable dollar. As nice as it would be to be able to go out and buy up ounces and ounces of gold and put them away, here on earth being prepared means a few things different to myself and my family.
First, what am I preparing for? We are preparing for the likely event of something bad happening. Remember luck favors the prepared. Am I digging a bomb shelter in the back yard? No, to us being prepared means putting away two months or more of food,water, and medical supplies.As we would in preparing for any natural disaster,however, I have also put away a supply of ammo for our .22. I would like to point out up til last year I had never own a gun before, however the crime rate in my area has gone up and there are break-ins right around the corner. It is a fact when employment is down crime is up,up 30 % in major Ohio cities. I have spoken to other families around the communities, turns out we are not the only ones wishing to prepare with a full pantry.
Last summer we had a power outage in our city for about 15 hours, we like others were not prepared. So we went to the store only to find long lines and inpatient people. If things had been a little worse it would not have take much to push folks over the edge. In desperation people will do what the must to survive, which means food and water. If we are wrong, then we will have a small edge against the rising food costs. I would like to know what the rest of you think? Are we crazy in Ohio? Have you and your family done anything to prepare for a rainy day?

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