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Joni Mitchell - Woodstock (Big Sur, CA 1969)

By Michael Cosgrove
Posted Nov 11, 2010 in
Of all the many recordings and videos of this unforgettable song, this one is my favorite.
It has top class sound - in fact it's uncannily good considering the relatively poor quality equipment that live sound engineers had at their disposition at that time - and excellent video quality, as well as interesting footage.
And then there's Joni Mitchell and her unbelievable voice.
She just seems to flip a switch in her somewhere and it comes pouring out, absolutely pitch-perfect from the second she starts singing, her voice jumping up an octave as effortlessly as if she were merely nudging up a half-tone, unique and instantaneous ways of modulating, and that terrifying lament at the end which makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end....
Total magic from one of the most talented singer/songwriter/poets the world has ever seen.
Joni Mitchell - Woodstock (Big Sur, CA 1969)

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