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Canned salmon, the most protected Canadian asset

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz
Posted Oct 29, 2010 in Entertainment
Here's why I seriously think that canned pink salmon is the most protective asset by Canadian government standards. I am flying out of Canada with Lufthansa to Europe and have a six pack of cans with pink salmon, all nice wrapped up with protective foil, not broken yet, exactly the way I bought it in Superstore in Coquitlam, BC, Canada.
My bag gets scanned by the Vancouver airport security guys and, as the presence of metal is quickly indicated, my bag goes through the "skin search". A young guy of South Asian descent pulls the immaculate six pack out of my bag with his white gloves and hesitates if he can let me go with my Canadian asset. Soon after he asks another Oriental guy whose name badge says Eric if that's OK to go ahead with this. Eric says his short "no".
Lufthansa airliner turning in the air above the water with a boat after taking off from Vancouver In...
Lufthansa airliner turning in the air above the water with a boat after taking off from Vancouver International Airport when heading for Europe.
When me asking him why I can't have it as a gift for my European friend and family, he replies that the total amount of water in all six cans is more than 100 millilitres what is clearly not permitted to have it aboard the plane. Right away Eric directs me to some government website to read something that I don't give a damn for before boarding a plane in next 10 minutes or so. Neither he does give a damn to explain to me what their website says in between the lines by saying, "I don't know what's inside, it's tightly sealed and it may be water in all of them".
I stand for moment when quickly thinking what this guy's idea may have been and nothing else comes to my mind other than his own personal stupidity.
Sorry, Eric, no personal offence at all, but other explanation that this would be me smuggling the most valuable Canadian asset out of the country.

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