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Deleting comments on political articles- This is an international site, too bad if you Yanks can't take the heat

By Paul Wallis
Posted Oct 17, 2010 in Politics
For the first time ever I've had one of my comments deleted on a political article. (This was a right of center article, but the spelling, for once, was OK, so I decided to comment.) My comment was basically that the US does nothing about its problems, hasn't done for decades, and nobody's accountable for anything in US politics, which so far has a 100% accuracy rate.
This is an international site. Whether the GOP likes it or not, the US is no longer the only show in town. The US is not above criticism. A comment by Michael Cosgrove was also deleted. Michael's subsequent comment about deletions also didn't get the courtesy of a response.
There's a concept called "having the courage of one's convictions". Let's see it. Even "having the courage of one's delusions" would be an improvement.

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