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The Death and Life of American Journalism presents a sobering look at our media

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Oct 11, 2010 in Internet
Robert McChesney & John Nichols have written a new book that journalists might want to take the time to read. "The Death & Life of American Journalism caught my eye immediately when I saw it at the local library.
As a journalist I am interested and a bit worried about the future of media, especially here in the good old USA. McChesney and Nichols present a very detailed view of the current condition of media and how it got to where it is today.
I do agree that in these times many people will have to think in new ways. But I am not sure if print will die out completely.
Journalism is not just about news it is also about all literary culture. I think there will always be some form of a printed newspaper or newsletter somewhere in the world that people will read or refer to even if Internet access was available to everyone everywhere on the globe.
For what happens when systems and technology goes out of order? Or is "off-line" or just not available when power goes out?
I think people will still turn to reading the old-fashioned way, without electronics.
Yet with that said, I do think McChesney and Nichols have opened up a discussion that will be going on for several years as Internet technology advances.
Published by Nation Books (2010)

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