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Tai Ji Men Unjust Tax Case Become Benchmark Case of Human Rights Violation

By yeechen
Posted Oct 5, 2010 in World
To protest against the illegitimate taxation and foreclosure of academy by Taiwan tax authority, representatives of Tai Ji Men dizi from around the world organized a trip to Geneva in end of September to meet with human rights organizations to reveal the details of the human rights violations by state violence. Letichia Sakai, a Brazilian attorney from Federation International de Droits de l’Hommes (FIDH), said, “FIDH has dealt with many cases of human rights violations. But we have never heard of the destructive power of taxation system can be such a threat for innocent people.” Another analyst from Mauritius, Julie Grometton, shook his head when hearing the details of the Tai Ji Men tax case.
Fawzi Benouari from “Movement Pour la Cooperation Internationale“ (Algerien), a NGO dedicated to raise money from corporations for public goods, commented “We have some basic understandings of economic activities in many countries. But we have never heard of a state can use unjust taxation to take away civilian assets.” He thought the Tai Ji Men tax case can serve as a textbook example for other nations to study and to avoid. Carols Oliver Cruz, representative from Koffi Annan Foundation, immediately asked attorney Quentin Coolen from the Foundation to receive Tai Ji Men dizi when hearing the human rights violation by tax agents. Quentin Coolen received the report of the tax case from Tai Ji Men dizi on behalf of former Secretary General of the United Nations, Koffi Annan, and promised to follow up on the case. Project coordinator Chrsitine Papazoglou from World Council of Churches is the contact of the organization receiving human rights complaints from around the world. She agreed with the obvious signs of human rights violations in the Tai Ji Men tax case. She will study in greater detail the relevant information concerning the tax case and keep close contact with Tai Ji Men dizi.
Rene Wadlow, senior vice president and first representative to Geneva of Association of World Citizens, when interviewed quoted the phrase from the first US chief justice, John Marshall, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” Rene thinks the taxpayer’s human rights will become the emerging new issue in the discussion of UN Human Rights Council. The Tai Ji Men case is a benchmark case of human rights violations by state violence. Rene encouraged Taiwan government to respect people and rule of law, stop human rights violation and make the governance transparent. He promised to take the case to the Commission of Human Rights within the UN if Taiwan government continues its inactions to address the problem.

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