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Blogs : Ramifications of re-posting

By Waqar Naz
Posted Oct 3, 2010 in Internet
I have read somewhere (most likely within this group) that there is a time limit for being able to edit News articles. (Don't remember precisely what the limit was and if it extends to Opinion articles as well).
My questions are regarding Blog posts though. My understanding is that a blog can exist as a single entity i-e in one group and under one category. I suppose if one is bent on doing so, they could change the title a bit and post it again in a different group / category (perhaps even within the same group / category) but that's not what I am asking about.
I have noticed that when I visit a blog that I wrote more than a month ago, it still shows the Edit and Delete buttons. Based on that, my assumption is that either there is no time limit for editing blogs or if there is one, it is very generous compared to News / Opinion articles.
Q1 Is it possible for one to "EDIT" a previously posted blog (without making any actual changes to the title or the body) and re-post it in a different Group ? ... Category ?
Q2 If the above is possible, would doing so result in loosing the "Like" votes it garnered and any attached comments ?
Thank you all.

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