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Birthday in New York

By mkwrk2
Posted Sep 29, 2010 in World
By Michael Kerjman
What birthday might be more time-life memorable and exiting than one happened in New York?
Well, such excitement was even exaggerated with the coexisting 65th UN General Assembly opening of, triggering a live theatrical stage for history in making a part of NY East Side had for about a week been transformed in.
Also increased UN-linked mayhem is a tradition accustomed generations of New Yorkers have been used to, this year special arrangements, as understood, wonder even the most indifferent of the locals.
Not only the roadblocks were preventively-distantly erected dividing traffics heading to either the UNHQ or objects in a relative proximity to, but some quarters at-whole were thoroughly separated and segregated even for passersby, restricted to vehicles not supposed to. For instance, a minute walk from the permanent Israel consulate in New York, off its corner Hilton area on 42nd Str. a visiting the UN Assembly Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rested at, presented a perfect example of.
Sure thing, among the world leaders Mr. M. Ahmadinejad netted the most of both police concerns, press coverage –even the Jerusalem Post team somehow made it to his press-conference held somewhere in the UN underground bunker- and a public reaction.
Too loud public demand to strip this, according to non-Iranian media, ethnic Jew - Holocaust denier (that what was clearly translated from the Iranian media’s publications) and a nuclear champion from a natural right of a head of a foreign state to participate in global international forums on American soil, hardly cooperates with US devotion to human freedoms and liberties. One modest observer could suggest US taxpayer money spent to entertain world VIPs could even much more effectively be allocated if the Iranian President to present his UN-style speech publicly on 51 Park Place recently for John-Does attending freely.
So far, fruits and veggies are tasty and the cheapest in Manhattan on stalls near the doors of a renovated bone of contention at the address mentioned above.
Life brings about changes unsuspected while a New York stay was continuing much longer than supposed initially, accumulated so many impressions and memoirs that one inclined into writers’ craft could present in even a number of publications/books comprehensive. As too many topics various are impossible to converge in a read-through-easily compact volume of an internet article sharing the most amusable to its author with the fast-reading-on-the-run e-funs, just some post-UN-visit information might eventually fit a general tune of this birthday story.
Upon years, spectator time to time observing crowds of the UN building visitors was surely amused with visually decaying tourist influx to date. Probably, there was something apart from the tightened security arrangements preventing visitors from a garden area and the world-famous monuments in.
Personally, making a call from phones located near the UN Post became a custom one upholds traditionally if even no real necessity was for. Of four phones left just one, for kids, low-placed, was dealing and accepting quarters with no connection and no refund! Reporting to a service provider was a challenge itself resulted into waste of time and improving telephone skills by hearing a message of impossibility to reach this US-wide number from a public phone. Well, well.
Usually, obtaining the UN guided tour tickets was a piece of cake with any monetary instrument. Recently, cash only: visitors have been advised to obtain dough from the UN ATM. No notes were dispersed from this modern UN benefit-generating source in reality as receives placed wherever around testified additionally. Moreover, to a moment of submitting this article a trustful visitor is still awaiting refund of an amount charged to his card two days after this historic attempt to be properly served by the UN Financial Department, keeping this UN ATM docket as so far the most expensive souvenir from NYC.
Yes, the most ubiquitous readers, I made it to it in the UN Building-and was really shocked with anti-hygiene never seen here before even at the New York standards to a credit of the NYC Department of Sanitation improved significantly in places of new developments particularly.
And what I should say with all my for bad and for good newly upgraded NYC expertise and acknowledgement, it is great New York City has been at the planet and long life to this monster of everything human being to wish!

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