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I Told You So Doesn't Even Cover It.....

By Charlotte Cunningham
Posted Sep 28, 2010 in Politics
I was a bad, bad girl. Just when I thought my mail browser couldn't give me anything else interesting to read, this headline popped up: Fox Primary: Complicated, Contracted. Intrigued, I clicked on the article and began reading. Low and behold, all of the truths and fears that "liberals" have been trying to tell to "conservatives" are, for the most part, ratified. Whether this is an attempt on Politico's part to defame and throw mud at Fox News, remains to be seen. So far, there has not been an "official" response to the contracted policy from Fox News. Rather than embroil myself in useless and downright whiny comments on Yahoo!, I looked up the original article on Politico and decided to post my comments here.
Here is the link to the article, I suggest reading it before reading my comments:
Haven't we been trying to tell this to the "conservative right" for a while now. These candidates refuse to answer media questions outside of Fox News, because "the media doesn't ask the questions we want to answer." News flash: DUH! The media is not there to be your friend and hold your hand throughout your political race. It's there to inform the public and ask the questions that we would ask, including the ones you don't want to answer. The public is going to put you through every scrutiny and through a microscope before electing you. Or at least they did until elections became entertainment, not a serious process that held very serious ramifications and consequences. Why would we expect the media to be any different? They put the "stars" under said scrutiny, why shouldn't they do the same for the candidates who wish to run for public office? A News station that is overtly friendly with candidates and PAYS said candidates, is just asking for trouble, not only for themselves, but the candidates that they support. Watch out 2012, the presidential election is going to be one hell of a doozy, especially with Fox being on the front lines.

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