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Pix of my visit to Paris

By Michael Cosgrove
Posted Sep 20, 2010 in Travel
Here are some photos of a recent visit I made to Paris. Just normal tourist shots, but enjoy anyway.
The photo on the left is one I uploaded from Wikimedia for an article and it reminded me of one I took whilst strolling through the Tuileries, looking at the ladies. (Oh, OK, and at the statues and flowers too, but...)
I like the Pyramid, which is very controversial here. I like it for its clean and geometric lines so I tried to make my photo geometric in some way. Man, it was one hot day!
The Pyramid at the Louvre  Paris France  summer 2010
The Pyramid at the Louvre, Paris France, summer 2010
OK OK, it's the obligatory Arc de Triomphe photo. But still, it is actually a very impressive and imposing work when you see it for real. I consider it as being a statue more than anything else.
Arc de Triomphe  Paris France
Arc de Triomphe, Paris France
I went over to the Pompidou Arts Centre, but seeing as it looks like it could to with a lick of paint at least and a complete reworking at most because it's beginning to look dated and delapidated, I preferred to take this picture instead. No, it's not three dead rebels piled up in a street in a war zone, it's just three more of the many down-and-outs you see in Paris like you see anywhere else. They were lying there, immobile and - given the plastic wine bottles strewn between them - just sleeping it off.
Down-and-outs at the Pompidou Arts Center  Paris France
Down-and-outs at the Pompidou Arts Center, Paris France
This is one of my favorite sights in France. They are to be found in any big town/city and they personify France just as much as the Eiffel Tower. News kiosks.
A news stand in Paris
A news stand in Paris
And talking of the Eiffel Tower......I included this perspective because it gives a good idea of the size of the Tower's base. On a topical note, there were lots of Roma children there, illegally selling little Tower trinket souvenirs and keeping an eye open for the police.....
The Eiffel Tower  France  summer 2010
The Eiffel Tower, France, summer 2010
As always happens with my photo articles, the last photo is taken in a bar or on a bar terrace somewhere (why is that?) Here's a Parisian barmaid and her colleague, a waitress, having a smoke at closing time in the Brasserie I went to eat and slake my thirst in at the end of the day. Parisian barmaids are known for their out-front humor, sass and wonderfully cheap class. These two were no different. To find them though, you have to get out of the tourist areas and explore a little.....
Parisian waitress and barmaid
Parisian waitress and barmaid
(Cue French anthem, a strong espresso café, a good dose of Cognac, and off to bed .....)

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