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You CAN beat suicidal thoughts

By Suzi Gravenstuk
Posted Sep 17, 2010 in Health
Recently I wrote a Digital Journal article jumping on the bandwagon to hopefully boost awareness of the 50th anniversary of World Suicide Prevention day. Another DJ article was also published, but we had different points of coverage. In fact, many reporters and writers jumped on the bandwagon.
The stars of this day, and the crusade are: the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
Since my younger brother's death 26 years ago I have researched suicide. I have started numerous stories and articles and tore them up. What I have found with my latest round of research, is that there is so much written about suicide and suicide prevention that it has become a crowded field. Many articles seem repetitious of other articles.
It makes me wonder if all of us are getting a bit desensitized to Suicide--even those who are suicidal.
Over the 26 years of trying to do something positive with my brother's death I have diagnosed myself with a serious case of subject writer's block. So, I decided not to write about the experience, or the PTSD and flashbacks I still occasionally have. How is that for dealing with something? Just don't do it.
Wait a minute...maybe I stumbled upon something regarding suicide. Just don't do it. Do something else. Clean your closet. Randomly do a favor for someone else. If you can divert your attention from suicide for one day, one hour, 5 minutes--you may live to tell about it . Then, pay it forward and help someone else buy a little time.
Actually, Mental Health Professionals often recommend keeping a journal. I will add in that if you research a topic or set some goals other than suicide and make plans to achieve those--you may buy yourself time for your mood to change or to keep safe until you get some help. Some day soon you will have a day, or even a few moments of joy that will make you so glad you live to experience it. Things change. I know that for a fact.
My current goal (hey, I am not suicidal, but goals are a part of my nature) is to not try writing articles or stories about suicide -- but to comment on articles about suicide.
If an article regarding suicide does not have some of the elements suggested, I will simply add them in a comment..
If you want to get a little more in depth information about suicide, suicidal thoughts, suicide statistics here are some of the sites I have recently visited that I have a great deal of respect for:
If you are a media professional and wish to start using recommendations that may help you prevent suicides, here is easy access to some resources:
AFSP Recommendations
Random Note: Out-of-context use of the word ‘suicide’ – e.g., ‘political
suicide’ – may serve to desensitize the community to its gravity.
*Chances are slim that someone may be suicidal that is reading this post. But just in case, remember the help line in on the logo at the top of this article. If you are in crisis and feel you cannot wait to connect with a counselor, call 911 in the United States. Trust me on this--at some time in the future you will be glad you did.

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