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Minimum article length

By Michael Cosgrove
Posted Sep 6, 2010 in Internet
Some people on DJ, like myself, write less numerous but sometimes longer - around 1000 words - analysis articles. (Some would say boringly long so-called analysis articles but oh well I never claimed to be Safire.)
Others put up (or "churn out/regurgitate" as some have said) 5 or even more articles a day, some of which can be as little as 150-odd words long.
A quick look around the Internet's news sites shows that many of them don't put up such short articles outside of their ticker-tape, news brief or breaking news sections, meaning that very few 150-odd word articles appear in their main news sections.
Do you think there should be a minimum article length to encourage more developed and complete stories? If so how long? Or is article length unimportant?
150 words? 250 words? 300? 500 words? More? Not important?
Zat iz my qveshchun! :)
(ps. To help you measure, this blog is exactly 159 words long.)

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