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Patti Smith's autobiography surprised me...this book for me was inspiring and moving...

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Aug 29, 2010 in
About a month ago I was watching TV and I turned on the Tavis Smiley Show on PBS, he was interviewing rock-music legend Patti Smith about her new book, "Just Kids."
Then about a week or so later when I was at the local library here in San Francisco, I saw the book. So I decided to check it out.
I knew very little of Patti Smith only that I do remember her song "Because the Night." It was very popular when I was in high school in the 1980's. I did not go to concerts in high school and heavy rock music was discouraged in my home growing up.
As I read the autobiography, her words were so moving and so well expressed. There was a poetry to what she was expressing. And for me, this presented a very moving portrait of her life and the times she lived through.
Reading about her life with then boyfriend Robert, I got halfway through the book. When I then realized the Robert she was speaking of was the controversial artist Robert Mapplethorpe.
Yet, the way she described him, their day to day lives, I was shown a very human and tender side of two people that eventually became larger than life legends.
Smith also talks about the times, living in New York and her meeting the rock music luminaries of the 1960's and 70's. Her experiences of Max's Kansas City on 18th Street and Park Ave South and her outlook is fascinating.
For those who love rock music and its history, I think would really treasure this book.
I enjoyed reading the book and found it not only to be moving but also very insightful.
I hope people will see the vulnerable and very human elements that Smith has expressed. That to me is literary and artistic gold.
Published by Harper Collins Publishers 2010. Visit: for more info.

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