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Bruce Bueno de Mesquita's book, "The Predictioneer's Game" is seer delight to read

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Aug 27, 2010 in Science
This book by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita intrigued me as soon as I saw the title "The Predictioneer's Game" and saw the cover with the shattered crystal ball.
How appropriate to have that image on the cover because what de Mesquita is pointing out is that one must really use logic and reasoning to better understand the world.
While I am a mere average intellect, I am thankful for rational and thoughtful thinkers such as de Mesquita because it is very easy for people to get swept away by bias and feelings. And, when viewing world events or global politics often facts are misunderstood simply because sound thinking and rational objectives were overlooked.
Some one like de Mesquita reminds us that there is very little "mystical" elements when recognizing the basics of human behavior. And, with the examples he points out, 'brazen self-interest" is involved in much of the politics, not only of our time but through out all of human time.
One such ancient example that pops into my mind as I write is Cleopatra and Caesar. Self interest is there. And in his introduction to the book de Mesquita provides a very interesting profile of the 19th Century monarch Leopold, II of Belgium. That got my attention and I found that very interesting. And, he has a way of providing insights that kept me interested as I read further along in the book.
Even if one might disagree with de Mesquita on his ideas and methods, the research of history and background of ideas is fascinating to read. This is both a political science book as well as a history book.
Even if one might not grasp all that de Mesquita is trying to get across in his ideas about "game theory" there is certainly much to enjoy and learn by reading the background history he provides.
Published by Random House, New York in 2009, for more info visit:

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