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I am worried for our country (usa) and its people!

By Plinio Granado
Posted Aug 17, 2010 in Politics
We are taking a dangerous path towards very bad times. I am worried for our country and our people.
Throughout our history we have had political discourse, and conflict. We even had a civil war. Today we are heading towards politically dangerous times that might lead us again to civil war. In the past we have had vicious political campaigns, but for the most part ounce the president was elected he was the president and both parties in congress would settle there differences by compromise.
What I see happening today is one party’s complete disregard for the other. There is absolutely no compromising. Total hostility is developing between half of the populace against the other. Now remember we are all Americans and we all love our country, we just have differences in the direction we need to take it. Don’t you think there is a better way to settle our differences other then destroying our selves?
There are fringes of one of our political party’s that are arming themselves with verbal tyranny against the government. They disagree with everything our government is trying to do and so are taking up arms, this has happen before but the difference now is the main stream of that party are accepting or at least tolerating their behavior.
I see the Sunnis and the Shiites in Iraq killing one another, and just wonder when we are going to stop this madness against ourselves. If we go on this way no president from any party is going to be able to do anything for our country.
A country divided against its self can not stand.

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