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To Whom It May Concern

By Plinio Granado
Posted Aug 13, 2010 in Crime
I received an email from a friend advising me of the possible dangers of posting pictures of where I live. She was referring to a blog I posted showing pictures outside my balcony.
To whom it may Concern:
I live in a gated community guarded by well armed policemen. There is no outlet except the guard gate.
As you might have read in the News we have an infestation of Anacondas in South Florida, several of them have been seen around my building.
Another danger that intruders face are the killer bees and fire ants that are attracted by the flowers of my octopus
Octopus shade tree
Octopus shade tree
All that live in this neighborhood have learned to live with these situations, anyone else comes at there own peril.

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