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The benefits of farmers' markets

By David Silverberg
Posted Jul 8, 2010 in Food
I recently frequented a farmers' market at Nathan Phillips Square to pick up some fresh organic veggies and fruit. I attend this market every year, often once a month during the summer, and it always refreshed my thoughts on eating local and investing in non-supermarket produce.
Maybe I've been softly brainwashed by the organic-food-loving friends I have, but I always value farmers' food above others. A crisp apple from an Ontario farm simply tastes better than one shipped from South America. Eggplant from Toronto's backyard (well, an hour away) makes me feel proud to invest in my local farmers and my health. No additives or pesticides sprayed on this produce, I'm told by the farmers tending their stands.
So this post will hopefully encourage you to check out a farmers' market in your community. They are everywhere, across the world, and if your city doesn't have one, lobby for it! Just remember, some produce at these markets are more expensive than your local fare at supermarkets, so price is still a factor for consumers these days. But in my opinion, farmers' market food is worth the cost bump.

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