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Day 10_Day 11_Yellowstone, Jackson, WY

By Ken Wightman
Posted Jun 7, 2010 in Travel
The rain finally nailed us. We're damp. The Morgan is wet. Our luggage is soaked. Ah, the fun of old fashion motoring.
It looked bad yesterday leaving Sheridan, WY, and so Judy and I wisely popped up the top. I say popped but that does not come close to describing what it is like to erect the new top that I bought from the factory with this trip in mind.
The damn thing doesn't fit. It is too big. The side curtains are almost impossible to tuck. I didn't think a top could fit worse than the original abomination that came with the car. But the Morgan engineers have outdone themselves with this piece of handmade junk. (I thought carefully before settling on junk, I mean it did sorta work, but I'm afraid I've got to say junk. I'd post pictures to back-up my claim but it is just too depressing.
Rain-X works pretty well  eh?
Rain-X works pretty well, eh?
Although the windscreen wipers don't work well, I've got the Morgan engineers trumped on this one; I treated the glass with Rain-X rain repellent. The rain forms little drops that skitter about for a moment and then slide right off the glass. Nice.
Judy had face cloth jammed between the windscreen and side curtain such that when it got saturated it released the water to escape between the sidecurtain and the outside of the door.
I kept a large towel draped over the transmission hump under the dash absorbing incoming water. It performed very well and is now drying in our motel room. It may be called into action tomorrow before we get out of the mountains and into the desert.
I never thought I'd see the day that I would be looking forward to the hot, dry desert but I am. The hot, dry air will dry the luggage, dry the leather seats and dry the wooden floor. That's right. The Morgan has a wooden floor.
The upside to all this is that when we get the top down again, we will be happier than anyone has a right to be.
Oh well, we did get to Yellowstone National Park. We did not get to Old Faithful. It was just raining too hard. But there's more to Yellowstone than Old Faithful. For instance, there are the buffalo.
Leaving the park, we got caught in a traffic jam caused by buffalo on the road. One brushed the car in front of us and made the vehicle rock. These are big animals. I slid open the windscreen to snap a picture and one large buffalo seemed to take offence. He stopped, turned towards the car and took a few steps. Thankfully, he then lost interest and moved on.
Meanwhile another buffalo passed by so closely to the passenger side of the car that Judy could have reached out her hand and patted the beast. She didn't.
Although we passed Old Faithful, there are a lot of geyser basins. Something like 60 percent of the known geysers in the world are located within the park. We stopped at one basin on our way out.
It may be June but much of the park is still snow covered. It was like winter in Yellowstone. This morning the temperature dropped into the thirties. We could see our breath but we could hardly see some of the geysers and basins as they were hidden by the thick mist rising from the hot springs in the cold air.
We left the park on the Montana side and then drove south through Montana, Idaho and back into Wyoming. We had learned the direct route to Jackson had a 12-mile loose gravel section because of road work. This piece of road was now muddy from the rain and dotted with water filled potholes.
In Montana we grabbed lunch at the Canyon Street Cafe in the town of Yellowstone West. It's a family-run restaurant decked out with '50s memorabilia. The owners are proud to not be a chain eatery and I was proud to be supporting an independent restaurant. My club house sandwich was perfect --- right out of the '50s!
The rain dogged us all the way to Jackson but the sun is making a showing and who knows, maybe tomorrow we'll get the top down again.
Oh, if you're wondering why I am posting two days together --- Yellowstone National Park does not have Wi-Fi. Our room in the Grant Lodge also lacked television. I didn't miss either one. I went to bed early and slept almost twelve hours. I think I have finally recuperated from my 6-mile-plus hike up and down the Crazy Horse Memorial.
I don't think Judy had recovered from having her ten dollars lifted. Somethings are easier to get over than others.

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