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Will our technology destroy us?

By Donald Appel
Posted Jun 7, 2010 in Health
In the thirties when I was a youngster, much of the technology that is available today did not exist. Life was much simpler, but when compared with today, much more dangerous.
By dangerous I mean there were not the medical miracles of today. Take, for example, antibiotics—they did not exist. People died from simple infections that today would be easily cured, such as, wounds and infectious diseases.
Childhood diseases such as: measles, chickenpox, mumps were normal diseases that you were expected to experience. Most children survived these diseases, but some did not. It was every mother’s duty to make sure that their children experience these diseases in their childhood, for as adults, it could be deadly. Today they do not exist.
In the thirties, 65 was considered old and when most people retired and by the seventies it was a good chance you would be dead. Today, people are waiting until they are in the seventies to retired and many people are having healthy active lives into the nineties, and some, one-hundred.
My life was saved several times by these miracles of modern medicine. At sixty-five, I had an infected pancreas, and by my doctor's definition, I was dying. Antibiotics and modern surgery saved my life.
The question I pose is this: are all the miracles of modern medicine a good thing or a bad thing? You might say, nonsense, of course it’s good.
We are today putting aside "nature" that has governed our lives for millions of years and through natural selection and evolution brought us to this day. We are saving people, that through disease and DNA would not survive if nature had its way.
You might say that we are weakening the chain of survival, and increasing the world population that is aggravating the problems of crises by the proliferating of armaments, pollution, poverty, peculiar unemployment, educational voids, starvation, malnutrition and ever increasing the acquisition instincts and corruption in many power situations.
Technology widens the horizon of its accomplishment without fulfilling the basic needs of water, electricity, food and employment for all. Technology seeks only its profitable needs, without considering the whole of what is being done. Technological development is a quest for excellence and efficiency that leads to this crisis-syndrome.
The governments that provide all this technology are so called capitalist system, which is defined as being governed by "greed and exploitation." Such a government in the hands of the technocrats is a sure path to destruction of all of mankind.
We need to take a moment and consider where all this technology is taking us. Is it taking us to a "utopian" type of place where all can enjoy the benefits, or, to a place of a few enjoying these benefits while most of the world is plunged into despair and annihilation by all the profiteers?