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29th July 17:50BST, UK evening news flash summary:

By Paul Whittaker
Posted Jul 29, 2008 in World
Times - Vultures circle as MP's draw up plans to challenge PM Gordon Brown in a leadership election.
Mail - Human remains have been found on Saddleworth Moor, a place associated with 'moors murderers' Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.
Guardian - Haiti: Mud cakes become staple diet as cost of food soars beyond a familys reach.
Times - Sarika Watkins-Singh wins right to wear 'bangle' at school.
Metro - Olympic smog forces British girls to wear protective red contact lenses.
Independent - Russians dive to bottom of world's deepest lake.
Sky - British airways has announced plans for a merger with Spanish airline Iberia.
Times - City regulator has made eight arrests and searched a number of premises in conjunction with an investigation into insider dealing.
Mail - Pictured: The £50,000 jetpack that lets you become a real-life James Bond.
Telegraph - Carla Bruni has likened herself to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, another First Lady who achieved style icon status.
Sun - A drunken driver has written off a £250,000 Lamborghini.
Sky - Troubled singer Amy Winehouse is back at her London home after receiving emergency treatment for a reaction to medication.
Mail - World's first double arm transplant as man gets teenager's limbs in 16-hour operation.
Express - As bees suffer, experts say that there will be no more British honey by Christmas.
London Paper - A collection of the freakiest animals you have ever seen.
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