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Day 08_Sheridan, South Dakota

By Ken Wightman
Posted Jun 6, 2010 in Travel
Spent another night in a delightful B&B. This one, the Custer Mansion, is a B&B approaching an inn. There were about nine places set for breakfast. It is no wonder that we were asked to be prompt.
Breakfast was good. Homemade bread, fresh fruit, eggs with a delicious salsa sauce and lots of fresh brewed coffee. But what made breakfast a standout was the table talk. Everyone at breakfast was in Custer for The Walk. This is a 10K or 6.2 mile hike up to the Crazy Horse Memorial.
The hike is part of the Volksmarch movement I was told. One couple was in Custer as part of their attempt to walk in a Volksmarch in every single state in the U.S. Others were here because this was the only weekend when it was possible to hike the monument.
Crazy Horse Memorial? I had never heard of it, that I could recall. But the challenge of a 10K walk up a steep mountain trail was irresistible. I dropped Judy off at the laundromat and motored over to the memorial.
What a crowd. The breakfast folk had it right. The cars were backed-up waiting to gain entry to the site. As I had come this far, I wasn't going to let a little snarled traffic turn me away.
I parked the Morgan and walked. And walked and walked. When I felt tired I took strength and encouragement from the young chicks showing me the way. One of these athletic young ladies was in her 80s and a couple of others were in their 70s. They were outwalking many of the younger hikers.
I made it to the top. And, even better, I made it back to the bottom.
I felt ten pounds lighter. When I picked up Judy from the laundromat I learned that she felt ten dollars lighter. She had been robbed. A sneak thief took ten bucks from her purse when she wasn't looking.
Oh well . . . C'est la vie!
Who can worry about ten dollars when they have just hiked ten miles. And they say the walk is non-competitive. Hey, in the end, I beat the chicks.
The side view of the Crazy Horse Memorial
The side view of the Crazy Horse Memorial