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Day 06_Wall, S.D.

By Ken Wightman
Posted Jun 4, 2010 in Travel
There was rain to the right and a wall of advancing water to the left but straight ahead was bright sky --- not bright blue sky but bright overcast sky. That was good enough for us and with the top down I pushed the rpm's to 4000.
With only about 25 kilometres to Wall, South Dakota, our stop for the night, we didn’t want to stop. With storm clouds everywhere but straight ahead it seemed like we might be in luck. We had been threading our way among the storms for the last part of the day. It turned threatening as we left the Corn Palace in Mitchell S.D.
Then the road turned, a long smooth curve was leading us away from safety. The view of the road up ahead was now soft with falling water. The windscreen took its first hit. A drop of water danced on the glass. And then another and another.
We continued driving through the rain as it wasn't coming down all that hard. The bonnet was dry. Then the rain started hitting the bonnet and dancing on the shiny waxed louvered green-painted metal.
The rain on the bonnet and the rain on the windscreen began sliding towards us. The falling rain was passing over our heads but the rain on the car was on the move and it was marching up the windscreen and attempting to climb over.
The rain began coming in around the top of the hinge runing down the centre of the bonnet. I could feel the slow but steady drip-drip of water on the transmission hump under the dash. Damn! All the towels were still behind the seat out of reach. I pushed my pant leg against the leather and caught the rain before it could reach the floor.
The GPS was starting to show signs of the assault. Small drops of rain were appearing on its face. I could make out that we had less than ten kilometres to go and then the rain stopped or at least the major attack was temporarily halted.
We pulled off a Wall, grabbed some gas (under a canopy) and headed for our motel. After checking in and unpacking the roadster, I tied a tent fly onto car to ready it for the coming storms.
The tonneau cover has a zipper in the middle and when it rains the rain makes the tonneau sag ever so slightly. Then water gathers at the zipper and drips into the car. Judy cut a light, nylon tent fly to protect the car at these times. The car interior will be dry tomorrow.
Yeah Judy!
Yesterday was one of the long days; We covered something like 350 miles. I find that is a lot for an old man in an old car. The day was long in time as well as distance as we took a break to see the Corn Palace.
Judy had never heard of the Corn Palace. I was raised on little travel pieces on early TV that mentioned this building made of corn, or at least decorated with corn. Well it may have been cool when first done well over a hundred years ago but it has lost a lot of it style over the intervening years.
It is not just another tourist attraction like the world’s largest bull or the world’s largest hoe as on Corner Gas. Mitchell, S.D., should not be on par with Dog River.
Tomorrow maybe better; We are going to drive through the Badlands.