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Jon Ralston Face to Face Disrespects Veterans Group

By Steve W. Sanson
Posted Jun 2, 2010 in Politics
Jon Ralston
Face to Face
RE: Jon Ralston Face to Face Disrespects Veterans Group
The membership of the Veterans In Politics International watched your program Face to Face and your interview with Judicial Candidate Jack Howard on May 27, 2010. Mr. Howard acknowledged and appeared very proud to receive the endorsement of our group.
You made a statement indicating “who cares about Veterans In Politics this is a judicial race”. We would like to let you know that the veterans in this community do care about judicial races.
We want to make sure judges do not violate the “Sailor Soldiers Act” when our veterans are deployed.
We want to make sure that judges recognize our rights as veterans and some of the horror we are faced with in combat. (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has a huge impact in marriages, behaviors in the community and could be a factor in any criminal act in regards to our veterans.
PTSD needs to always be considered when judges make decisions that may impact the lives of Vets. This is why we testified and helped create “Veterans Court” with Family Court Judge Jennifer Elliot and Speaker of the Assembly Barbra Buckley which passed in the last legislation. Judges now have to ask the defendant if they are a veteran.
We were also asked by Justice of the Peace Judge Melanie Tobiasson to help create a veterans court within Justice Court.
Veterans do care about our judicial system as I stated above a lot of us suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as memories of combat arise we may unintentionally break the law. We wear the uniform proudly.
We do not expect those who have never worn the uniform to understand but we do not want you to discredit our endorsement in the future as it appears you do not have all the information you may need to check your own responses in regards to our group.
Respectfully Submitted By
Steve Sanson President Of Veterans In Politics International
702 283 8088