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Day 05_Morning in La Crosse

By Ken Wightman
Posted Jun 2, 2010 in Travel
This is supposed to be a long day of travelling. We're slated to cross Minnesota. The plan was to be on the road early but this may not happened.
This B&B is run by a chap who is quite into cars. More accurately, he's into anything mechanical that gets one from here to there. He has, I believe, three old MGs: an MG-TC, MG-TD and a Midget. Add a truck, which runs, from about 1915, an aging Mercedes and a matching Cadillac, a few motorcycles and the list goes on. (I think the B&B may be run more by the fellow's very pleasant wife.)
The oldest MGs are not at the home and we may end up on a tour of La Crosse. If so we may be booting my old Morgan along later in the morning. I'll have to read the riot act to my old car. "No messin' with us today! No stopping beside the highway for attention."
I actually feel somewhat confident. The Morgan is very loud, especially inside. With the top down, it is the engine and wind noise. With the top up it is almost all engine. I'm quite deaf in my left ear and I partially blame the Morgan. Now, my wife and I wear ear-plugs if we are going to be in the car for any time. The ear-plugs make one more aware of the noise you are hearing that comes from the vibrations travelling through your body to the ear. The engine I hear when wearing ear-plugs almost purrs at a constant 3400 rpm --- this is cruising at 60 mph. And if for any reason I need to hit it and accelerate quickly, I still have the power on tap.
Now, if only the electrical connections stay attached.