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Voyager's data glitch or message ?

By fantasykevin
Posted May 18, 2010 in Science
Voyager 2's data glitch or message ?
Received the data (22 April 2010) sent from the Voyager 2, scientists can't understand why the pattern of the spacecraft's data changed. Is the on board computer malfunction or, does aliens send message to Earth through Voyager 2 ?
I think NASA may post those data on internet same as the SETI does. More people may find out whether it is noise or some kind of message from aliens! I suspect noise is highly distinguishable from message, cipher or non cipher. Why not NASA sends back the original data adding some "artificial" components and waiting the answer somehow modems work in this way to establish/initiate communication. Sending sufficient data upload and download should give hint to solve it. Usually language difference is not the main problem.
If the aliens know how to send their message through Voyager 2, then only few uploads and downloads could be significant to show that whether the data contains garbage or message. It is worth time and efforts to try it. It needs one day only to send one message and to receive one "reply". For less than one month it could prove that no alien sends the message. Of course, should serious scientists do such attempts -> trying to build communication with a machine with possibly unknown malfunctions, at the edge of solar system, several billion miles away ? Signal takes several hours to reach each other. And supposedly the outcome is nothing. It is a question instead.
But isn't it the actual primitive purpose/object of Voyager and Pioneer projects is something like that ? (Also exploring Jupiter, Saturn and outer planets, the spacecrafts' discoveries changed the view where the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn are no longer boring worlds) ha ha ha... I am not sure. It is my idea only. The spacecrafts carried golden plates and records with message of the Earth. Later when the spacecrafts drift in interstellar space or somehow land/drop on some alien planets. It expects that some aliens could pick up those spacecrafts, understand it and decode the spacecrafts' message, so that the E.T. candidates could know something about Earth. How about this time E.T. answers the phone ? I think the other solution is to recreate similar glitch on simulator on Earth.
updated 2010.5.18

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