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DAM Software

By Ken Wightman
Posted Apr 25, 2010 in
I just checked how many images I have sitting on my hard drive --- more than 6800! And those are the images just on this computer's hard drive. I have more images on various CDs plus other storage media.
The newspaper at which I worked tracked their archive of images with Canto Cumulus. When I left, the paper had hundreds of thousands of images in the archive, and it was growing at the rate of thousands of new images a day. Cumulus did not store the actual images. It was essentially a database with thumbnails of the images associated with each image record. The record told you something about the image and told one where the image could be found. It might be on a file server or a CD. Running on a Mac, Cumulus could find an image in less than a second. It was a fantastic program.
Sadly, Cumulus for the single user is far too expensive for me and so I have been experimenting with a lot of DAM software. DAM stands for digital asset management.
What do you use, if anything? Right now I am experimenting with ACDSeePro3. I have 30 days to decide whether I want to become an ACDSee user or not. In thirty days I'll let everyone in the photographer's corner know what I've found.
So far, most of the programs with which I have played created archives that grew too large too quickly. They quickly slowed down when doing searches. I will not accept a program that takes more than an instant to find an image from an archive of less than 10,000 images.

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