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The Marvels of Higher Education

By Igor I. Solar
Posted Apr 20, 2010 in Entertainment
A boy goes to college, but roughly halfway along the semester he runs out of money. Eager to get additional funds to continue partying, he comes up with a brilliant idea. He calls his father:
Dad you will not believe the wonders of modern education in this University. They even have a program to teach dogs how to talk.
Impressed, the father asks: Would they take Fido and teach him English?
Just send me $1,000 and I'll see if I can enroll him – the boy replies.
The unsuspecting father sends the dog and the money.
Within a couple of weeks the boy spends the 1000 bucks and decides to get back to his father.
Well, how is Fido doing? Father asks.
Incredibly dad! He’s talking up a storm already. And there is another, more advanced course to teach dogs how to read!
No kidding! Can we get Fido enrolled in that course?
Just send me $ 2,500 and I’ll see what I can do…
So, the father sent him the money. The kid had a great time. But, after a couple of months, since the dog could neither talk nor read he shoots him dead.
At the end of the semester, he comes home and the father anxiously asks:
Where is Fido? I look forward to hearing him talk and read to me.
Dad, you won’t believe this. I had everything ready for the trip, when I see Fido lying on the couch reading the New York Times, like every morning, then, suddenly he asks me:
Well, what’s up with your old man banging the redhead girl that lives across your house?
Bothered, the father snaps:
I hope you shot the sonofabitch before he tells anything to your mother!
Sure, Dad. That’s exactly what I did!
Well done, son.
The boy eventually graduated and became a very successful politician.

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