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I'd Kill for a Peace Prize

By Tim Cerantola
Posted Apr 13, 2010 in Politics
I’d Kill For A Peace Prize
Timo Cerantola
What would it take to get most Americans to give away their freedoms?
A full-scale military attack from the combined forces of China and Russia (?)
An interplanetary invasion by aliens with advanced weaponry (?)
For the record, it took only one nut-job (with a bomb in his underwear) to send the people of the most powerful nation on the planet into a paranoid fit of fear. One crazy person attempting a world-record in the wedgie category, in combination with a scare-mongering mainstream media (and 24-hour coverage of potentially explosive under garments) and America was reduced to wimp status.
I know America, you can handle the pain - until it hurts. And then, without so much of even a hint of protest, you allow your government to further erode your constitutionally guaranteed freedoms so that you might have protection.
"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” Benjamin Franklin
Enter Barack “I’d kill for a peace prize” Obama – who, with a very serious exploding undie problem on his hands, can now justify even more bombing and killing (of mostly innocent Afghani and Pakistani people) in America’s endless war on terrorism – not to mention, further justify the continued humiliation of the American people.
Will that be frisked or naked pictures with your airline ticket sir?
It was just another of the many sideshows created by your government to justify constant war. You see, the “undie bomber” was mere political theatre designed to implement more war on behalf of the military industrial complex and its myriad of investors.
If you haven’t figured out that war is just a business and that America is just another in a long line of warmongering empires conducting the business of conquest – either you’ve not been paying attention or you’re an idio… …not paying attention!
One sure thing you all can bet on is, as soon as “we the people” start to relax and forget about “The War on Terror” - we can expect another visit from the al-Qaeda terror fairy; maybe the next one will have explosives up his ass instead of in his underpants because, it’s just what Big Brother ordered – a full rectal exam for everyone.
And then, once again, the US Department of Main Stream Media will take the point position and saturate us with “the news” on all government-approved newspapers, TV and radio stations – spreading more fear so that we, the unwashed masses, will once again, pee our collective pants frightened by “the terrorists” (who live in caves in Afghanistan).
Then, the cycle will repeat itself. The government will ask the people to give up a little more of their freedom in the name of “homeland” security.
Seriously, if it’s not America’s war against all things un-American, imaginary Iranian nukes, a health-care system that treats everyone equally bad or a guy with a bomb in his underpants – it’s the swine flu or the end of the world in 2012.
In the name of corporate fascism and its moneyed interests, our mainstream news media now routinely filters, suppresses and/or distorts uncomfortable truths and applies the corporate approved spin. In other words, today’s news media routinely filters reality and replaces it with a corporate approved reality. All the news, all the time, all wrapped up in pretty packages for mindless couch potatoes too lazy or incapable of critical thinking.
I guess that’s what years of being bombarded with lies will do to a public - program them to ignore the truly important issues of the day and instead focus them on the peripheral, pointless and generally irrelevant sideshows created by a news media and government full of journalistic shills, political toadies and greedy Wall Street bastards. America has become a circus, a nation of voyeurs and peeping Toms. America has become one with that mindless freak show we see each time we turn on our TV’s.
Are people ever going to figure it out and, more importantly, get angry and vote out their politicians, boycott these corporations and turn off these shilling corporate media TV monkeys who are all so totally full of shi… (er, insert appropriate foul language here)?
Probably not.
In case you’re wondering about the truth (not that it’s important), the main event appears to be a geopolitical goal namely US control of the Eurasian sub-continent by the construction, control and protection of several energy pipelines - and, even more importantly, construction of several permanent, strategically located military bases for the purpose of continued military dominance of China – as the world’s most populous nation emerges as a globally dominant economic powerhouse
In order to get support (and cannon fodder) for these geopolitical goals, the powers that be employ a relatively old-school methodology of controlling their populations through fear, violence and terror. People are easily manipulated if you can exploit their fears. That is why we have war, terrorism and urban crime broadcast into our homes daily. For the last 50 years or so, the American government, through its department of propaganda (mainstream media and Hollywood) has been employing this technique of keeping the population afraid and convincing them they need protection.
And so, in order to protect their “freedom” they give it away by submitting, if not demanding, more war, more bombing of innocents, more frisking and more body scans (fortunately, rectal probing is still optional). But the message is very clear from on high. Be afraid. Be very afraid (and go shopping).
Of course, the only thing the US government is really afraid of is the truth.
As for Barack “I’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize” Obama, he is merely typical of recent American presidents. He is a just another political actor. A fraud. Obama is not out of touch with his base he just thinks they’re insignificant.
So, welcome everyone to AMERICORP (Corporatist America) where we subsidize wealthy bankers through our taxes and our presidents are awarded peace prizes for escalating wars. OK now, let’s all go shopping.
And remember, we still have a 50/50 chance of not reducing the planet to a smoldering pile of radioactive grit.

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