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The Significance of Growing Foods at Home

By Jon Mendoza
Posted Apr 3, 2010 in Food
Food is one of man’s basic needs, specifically, physiologic needs, according to Abraham Maslow. Food and proper nutrition are significant to man’s life. Food nourishes the body by building and repairing tissues, supplying heat and energy, and regulating bodily processes. Food sustains life. People need to eat and if there is no food, people will die. Without proper nutrition, people may become ill or die.
But where do people get food? Of course, food can be bought from the supermarket. In the supermarket, there are lots of foods and of different variety – from bread, rice, cereals, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, fruits, vegetables, sugar, and oil. The supermarket contains the essential foods that people need. But where do supermarkets obtain their products? They get their products from different places. For instance, they get fish from the sea. Meat, poultry, eggs, and rice are from the animals in the farm. Then the fruits and vegetables are harvested from large gardens or plantations.
Because products are being imported and exported in and out of a place, the prices of the product tend to become higher. People need to put on taxes on each product that revolve in the market. It is their means to earn money for their effort in growing, keeping them in good condition, and distributing them to different places.
Nowadays, the price of the products in the market is increasing, from oil to food that we eat. Not all families in the world can afford the demands of the increasing cost of living. Not all people have sufficient budget to buy expensive stocks from the supermarket. As a result, some people chose to grow their food at home. They grow fruits and vegetables in their gardens. They plant their own crops, grow them, and harvest them. Therefore, the food that they eat came from their own hardships and own effort.
Growing plants in the comfort of their own home is a wonderful opportunity to most people. Planting fruits and vegetables, and growing them at home lists many advantages.
At present, growing plants at home allows people to save money. It is because they are no longer going buy expensive vegetables in the supermarket. People are just going to buy seeds for them to plant. In addition, growing plants at home saves money because they have the power to choose the vegetable that they want to plant. Moreover, plants grown in the garden can generate a source of income. Harvested fruits and vegetables can be sold to other people in the community or in the market.
Lighten up your mind. If you are tired from the hassle in your workplace, then growing plants can be a form of recreation. It gives fun to the gardener. It can even become a hobby. It gives a sense of relaxation and it relieves stress, especially after working in the office or studying in school. The pleasant natural environment, such as the sunlight, the fresh air, and of course the beautiful plants adds radiance to someone’s day.
Promote familial bond. Growing food at home can also be a family activity. The family can work together in planting, growing, and taking care of the plants. They can give each member a task from them to do in a day or in a week. Planting as an activity of the family promotes the familial bond as well as the harmonious relationship among the family members. In addition, this activity teaches the children where food comes from and it also encourages them to eat vegetables. Furthermore, growing food in the garden enables people to experience the natural world.
Workout those muscles! Aside from being a familial task, a home garden can also promote physical fitness. It involves physical actions that promote physical wellness to people. Digging the soil, planting the seeds, and bending to pull weeds allow a person to move. If a person would do this everyday, then that person can lose weight and make him or her fit. In addition, plants give off oxygen for man to breathe. Since the setting is a garden, which is full of plants, then it enables the person to breathe in more oxygen. Thus, there is an enhanced oxygenation of cells and tissues.
Tickle those neurons! Growing plants does not only include physical activity but it also provides mental activity to a person. Through planting, a person gains additional knowledge about plants. It also contributes to the improvement of one’s creativity. The structure of the garden as well as the design challenges the natural art that plays in one’s mind. Additionally, new food recipes can be tried from the freshly harvested food. It does not enhance a person’s artistic skills but it also attests one’s creative talent in exploring new masterpiece in the kitchen.
Be kind to the environment. When a person grows plants in his or her home, he or she also becomes closer to the earth. It is because he or she utilizes the soil, plant seeds, and waters the plants until it is fully grown. This enables a person to be familiar with his surroundings. In addition, these crops can also be fed to herbivorous animals like rabbits. This entails that planting fruits and vegetables help link man to the food cycle actively.
Be health conscious! Growing plants at home is generally considered safer than buying in the supermarket. The person growing the plants has the knowledge and is aware of what is put to the plants. Besides, the vegetables that are grown at home are not genetically modified and they are also pesticide free. For the reason that vegetables are free from pesticide application, they are considered unpoisoned, thus, these fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and minerals.
Above all, growing plants at home does not only revolve on cultivating plants, the money that you save, or the income that you receive, but it also enables a person to cultivate positive values to himself or herself. Gardening augments patience for a person should have fortitude when he wants to achieve good results. It also develops one’s self-discipline in planting fruits and vegetables, for instance, in weeding and watering the plants. And most importantly, growing plants at home fosters the ability of a person to take care of others. Taking care of living things is not easy. A person must put his or her heart in what he or she does. In growing food at home, there is a symbiotic interrelation that takes place among plants, animals, man, and the environment.

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